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26 Jul

So, I’ve really been slacking in the physical fitness department.

Can you blame me though? I don’t really have time to go to the gym or wake up super early for a run. To be honest, I’m just really not in the mood.

But lately, I’ve been getting in new forms of exercise.


It is a great way to clear your mind, get some fresh air, and get your heart rate pumping. Not to mention biking is very easy on the joints which is always a plus for me.

Yesterday I wasn’t really in the mood for anything. I thought about maybe going for a walk but, it was already 10:00 AM I wasn’t all that thrilled to get all hot and sticky outside. So I grabbed my mom’s bicycle thinking I would explore the new bike path:

Oh yes, this bike is quiet a classic. I do own a mountain bike, I swear, I just don’t know how to filled the flat tire. Go ahead, make fun.

Just admit it, you think I look really cool on this bike.

Jealous yet?

I must have biked at least 5 miles, it was so much fun!

Do you bike?

I used to bike a lot when I was younger… before I got a car. Now it’s just a rare occasion. I am pretty excited to bike tomorrow morning! Scott and I usually rent bikes when we go camping. I just checked the prices on rental bikes and they went up a lot! I’m talking $23 each for a rental bike for one day. Last year, they were half of that! SO disappointed. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a bike rack?


Market Recap Monday week 10

25 Jul

Well, this is sort of a strange Market Recap Monday….

 because there wasn’t a market on Sunday!

Let me explain:

All week the forecast said thunderstorms all day for Sunday. So what do we do? 1.) Spend the money and cook food anyway with the risk of possible losing over a hundred dollars? 2.) Don’t go to the market that Sunday because we cannot afford to lose any money? We choose the second option. With our camping vacation coming up, we were really counting on the market for some extra cash so it was a tough choice to make. So sure enough, when we woke on Sunday the weather looked perfect. I was furious! I can’t even begin to explain how mad I was. I really got down on myself and felt like crap for most of the day. Last week was so stressful, I don’t even want to talk about it again. All I know is that God is good, and EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Eventually the day got better.

Some of our market friends invited us out to a beach that we’ve never been too. I actually ended up having a lot of fun and finally got to relax a little bit! I swam for hours and ate a great dinner consisting of lots of grilled veggies, yum.

So yet another lame post. I do promise something exciting for tomorrow! I’m not sure what yet! 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you try anything new?

Feature Friday: Being Bitchy

22 Jul

As I’ve said before, I don’t force blog posts when I’m not in the mood. This week has been insane and I just don’t feel like a long, drawn out post!

Wednesday I worked at the day job from 7-12 then headed right to the new market hoping to have a better week than the first. We arrived an hour late but it was all good. We did better than the first week (which really isn’t saying a lot) and had a fun time doing so. After the 13 hour work day, I was exhausted.

Thursday I was scheduled to work 9-5 at the day job, then got asked to stay until 9 at night. Because I am a push over and can never say no, of course I stayed.

Today I am beat, tired, sore, and stressed out.

I’ve had no time to work out, make good food, or post.

I have every right to act like a whinny cranky bitch! 🙂


Kiwi, bluebs, nanner with PB and coconut, dried cherries, ‘stashies.

Still open for a few guest posts while I’m gone! Comment below or email me if you are interested!

WIAW week {26}

20 Jul
Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. Hope everyone is having a great week! Mine is pretty busy, as usual. Just catching up on some sleep, baking, school stuff, and experiencing a massive heat wave! I love the sun but when I don’t have time to go swimming or lay out by a pool, a heat wave is slightly annoying! But I’m not complaining, I’d pick a heat wave over a snow storm any day.

So here we are, another weekly WIAW, my favorite time of the week for blogging! Jenn does such a great job hosting the link parties each week, I love the post WIAW blog stalking, so start your own WIAW post today and be sure to link up to the party!


Tofu scramb, whole wheat chocolate chunk scone, a 3 pound bag of the ‘stashies.

Just joking, but seriously, look at how many I ate in the last 4 days! At least half the bag.


Bean burrito, nothing too fancy.


Peach donut? Enough said.

I’ve never seen these before but they were pretty good. The inside is white and hard like a peach, but I like my peaches mushy! I’ve also squeezed in a green smoothie for a snack too, perfect for this heat wave.



Yellow zucchini (not yellow squash!) mixed with artichokes and a few seasoning made my the chef boyfriend. He also made me a kick butt tempeh BBQ sammich that was sooo yummy!


Scott and I are taking our yearly camping vacation out in the middle of no where with no phone, internet, or cable action. I am really looking forward to being “unplugged” for a week, however, I will still keep up on posting with scheduled posts. I know it is still a little over a week away, but I would really like some guest postage while I’m gone! If you are interested in doing a guest post for me (not until July 30th) please please please contact me at whitney10@comcast.net or just comment below and we can discuss topics. 🙂

Thank you!

Farmers’ Market RECAP week 3

6 Jun

Hey guys!

We had another AWESOME week at the FM.

I have lots of photo’s to share…

Date ball sign! Which flavor sounds best to you? Last week I sold A LOT of these and this week it was just ok. I might not make more this week, I don’t know yet. I feel like people don’t really appreciate them. I sell them for $1.50 each (for a 1.8 ounce ball… that’s more than a Larabar!) which is actually cheap in my opinion considering the cost of dates and nuts.

First time doing muffins so I only made 6, and sold out quick! (ok, so I ate 3…). Next week I think I’m going to do gluten-free muffins and some mini muffins!

Close up of date balls being melted in the heat. Some people had a problem with me labeling these sugar-free because there is a touch of agave in the ingredients. I told them it’s like eating an apple or a date. If you consider that sugar, I don’t. One man said, “if it’s sweet, it has sugar in it…” Which I completely disagree.

Sample dish! Which one would you try first: regular hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, regular olive tapenade, peppanade (more peppers, less olives) or Loubie Bezit (a middle eastern dish with tomatoes, whole cloves of garlic, and italian green beans).

Lots of shoppers!

Awesome vendor who traded 4 plants for hummus (see below)

Dogs EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t pet ALL OF THEM. I think it is really cool that our FM allows dogs!

Scott holding down the table…

Yummy iced green tea


& more

The plants I mentioned above.

Traded for this baby too! Nice snack.

Yours truly looking extra cheesy…

GRANOLA! Do you like our stickers?!?!?!

This week we were invited to so many different FMs, local events, and other benefits to vendor at. Needless to say, Scott and I are pretty excited.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures! I hope you enjoyed them. 🙂

What are your thoughts on agave? Do you think it is a sugar or would you label it sugar-free?

The only reason I label it sugar-free is because I have seen ingredients that have listed agave but the food was labeled sugar-free.

WIAW week #13

20 Apr

Okay, so Chicago’s Subway seriously does have a falafel sub, you guys weren’t kidding!

I vote on somebody buying me that SWEET “falafel sandwich” T-shirt, I’d wear it.

I would really like to know why it’s just fancy vegan-friendly cities like Chicago that get falafel at Subway. Maybe that’s why Chicago is a high demand city for vegan food, cause people eat these falafel subs and turn vegan. 😉

I also hear that Chipotle in Los Angeles offers a vegan “chicken” burritos. That’s great, but honestly, I love Chipotle so much, vegan “chicken” is unnecessary. Give me those extra beans! 😉 The closest Chipotle around is an hour away from me. Needless to say, I went there yesterday! 🙂

I also want to thank each and every one of you who left awesome advice on this post. My friend was really flattered by all the helpful comments, I’ll keep you updated on what she decides to do!

 Hey it’s Wednesday!

That means… NEXT WEEK IS MY LAST WEEK OF CLASSES! You know what that means, in eight more weeks it will be hello summer. Which means hello full-time job and nice pay checks! Finally. I hate being poor! In other news, I will be teaching Zumba in 10 days! I better get practicing. Oh, and studying for Finals?


Strawberry Whole Soy yog, granola, coconut and prunes.




Synergy & a nice bowl of kiwi, bananas, pears, pineapple, and plums.


More falafel! Ok, so I didn’t eat this whole plate full, promise!

& THAT was What I Ate Wednesday…

What did you eat today?