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26 Jul

So, I’ve really been slacking in the physical fitness department.

Can you blame me though? I don’t really have time to go to the gym or wake up super early for a run. To be honest, I’m just really not in the mood.

But lately, I’ve been getting in new forms of exercise.


It is a great way to clear your mind, get some fresh air, and get your heart rate pumping. Not to mention biking is very easy on the joints which is always a plus for me.

Yesterday I wasn’t really in the mood for anything. I thought about maybe going for a walk but, it was already 10:00 AM I wasn’t all that thrilled to get all hot and sticky outside. So I grabbed my mom’s bicycle thinking I would explore the new bike path:

Oh yes, this bike is quiet a classic. I do own a mountain bike, I swear, I just don’t know how to filled the flat tire. Go ahead, make fun.

Just admit it, you think I look really cool on this bike.

Jealous yet?

I must have biked at least 5 miles, it was so much fun!

Do you bike?

I used to bike a lot when I was younger… before I got a car. Now it’s just a rare occasion. I am pretty excited to bike tomorrow morning! Scott and I usually rent bikes when we go camping. I just checked the prices on rental bikes and they went up a lot! I’m talking $23 each for a rental bike for one day. Last year, they were half of that! SO disappointed. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a bike rack?


Good-Bye Winter Diet

12 May
& hello summer!
Oh my goodness, did I miss a WIAW post? Whoops! It’s been pretty busy around here. Forgive me?

I probably wont be doing much posting for the next few days due to the Farmer’s Market (FM) craziness.

I have been keeping up with my exercises though!

  • Sunday: 3 mile walk/jog outdoors
  • Monday: 4 mile nature walk
  • Tuesday: Pi/yo, 2 1/2 mile fast walk on tred.
  • Wednesday: Slow 2 mile nature walk, 1 hour Zumba
  • Thursday: Probably nothing. Early day at school right now then straight to work afterwards.

Lots of cardio so far this week! I guess I was just in that kind of mood. I think this is good for me though due to that winter weight gain! After work last night, I came home and tried on my jean shorts from last summer and YIKES! Not happening anytime soon! I wear sweat pants literally everyday, so trying on jeans (especially shorts!) was a somewhat of a breakthrough. Despite the muffin top, I think my weight should be back on track in a few weeks. Mainly because I eat A LOT better in the warmer months with all the fresh produce available and the fun warm weather activities.


See? A salad! I’m getting there. Just don’t judge me for that bag of PB pretzels i ate right after this!

What are some of your personal tips on getting (back) into shape?

Have a good weekend!

Natural Living

10 May

Hi Friends!

I’m glad you all liked my fitness post yesterday. I’m so pumped for this weather, I can’t get enough of it. Yesterday a friend and I took a long nature walk, it was so beautiful!

I’m not exactly sure how long we walked but I think it was around 4 miles.

When I got home I started my baking for the Farmer’s Market. I thought I would start with granola because that keeps for a while. Seven pounds of granola later somebody needed a bath!

An Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

I might add

So why did I take an ACV bath?

According to Kris Carr, an ACV bath is great for joints.

(Add 1-2 cups of ACV to your bath water)

Thanks Kris, you never let me down! Seriously, this women has taught me so much about natural living and life in general. I think she has the answers to life. And she would make a great big sister! I should talk my mom into adopting her.

Speaking of joints, my doctor said that my knees look inflamed but she isn’t sure so she had me get X-rays. She also said that my range of motion is being restricted. This makes sense because I have noticed when I am in that floor Pilates position where you move your legs as if you are riding a bicycles upside-down my knees feel very uncomfortable and make weird cracking sounds. Please tell me somebody knows what position I am referring too? Anyway, I guess I’ll wait for my results to come back! Until then, hello ACV baths.

What is your favorite natural or crazy remedy?

Whose watching The Biggest Loser tonight??? 😀

VeganMoFo = Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s Adventure

11 Nov

Happppy VeganMoFo! November is the month of vegan food which means everyone must blog about their VeganMoFo as much as possible!

Monday was a wonderful day. I only had to go to one class! So what did I do with all of my spare time that afternoon?

If you guessed that I went to Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s and spent too much money you are correct!

Trader Joe’s The Goods:

Lets see…

I bought some tempeh because for some reason I stopped eating it. I guess I don’t really know how to cook it. I always burn it, kind of like tofu! How do you cook your tempeh? Any favorite tempeh recipes?

I also bought a huge bag of roasted soy nuts. I forgot how much I loved them and their high protein content 🙂

For lunch I bought some vegetable sushi and ate it in the car (It would be a bad idea if I went to Whole Foods hungary!)

This sushi roll was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had. Not that I doubt TJ, but I didn’t expect too much out of it. The roll was only $3.69 so I decided to get it a try. The nori was nice and soft and the rice was extra sticky; just how I like it. The roll had cooked tofu inside so it was nice and hearty for an early afternoon snack.

Whole Foods- The Goods:

Lots of Cheese! I have been craving pizza and baked mac n cheese, recipes soon to come!

I also got a huge salad from the salad bar which I have been eating with just about every meal. I have also been craving their vegan caesar dressing! It’s my favorite.

After my shopping adventure I was beat so I took a little nap and went for a nice two-mile nature walk as the sun was going down.

Lately for breakfast I have been mixing it up with some SIAB breakfast soup made with Coconut Kefier.

Kefier, cacao nibs, dried apple & sliced almonds

How are you celebrating VeganMoFo?

Stay tuned for how to make pumpkin seeds!

A Food-filled Weekend

19 Oct


Hope everyone is doing great on this fabulous Tuesday and I hope you had a great weekend! I spent my entire Sunday cooking with my man. I brought over the Eat-Clean recipe book and we got to work. We made the…

Butternut squash soup

This was okay. Honestly I was not very impressed. Butternut squash soup usually doesn’t have a lot of onion or garlic in it so it taste kind of funny. I like my butternut squash soup sweet and creamy so I didn’t really expect this.

 Spilt pea soup

Again, not what I expected. This was really watery and bland. infact, now that I think of it, the only spilt pea soup I ever enjoyed was Amy’s. Yes, it was in a can! Gasp.

& Quinoa with sun-dried tomatoes

Now this was great! It had so many unique flavors and textures I can’t wait to make more. I’m glad we made a double batch because my mom can’t stop eating it; she never eats my food! We used a blend of red and white quinoa and it turned out real pretty 🙂

We also made some other things like pesto, garlic butter, hummus and roasted veggies, yum!

Random photo’s of the food being cooked:


I had a wonderful smoothie for breakfast along with some almond oats:

Smoothie: Frozen strawberries and mango in pineapple orange juice with 2 scoops of protein powder topped with pomegranate seeds

Maggie is always trying to eat my breakfast, she is so weird. Maggie also loves oatmeal but not just to eat: she claws at it as if the oatmeal is her prey. What other cat plays with oatmeal? Come on. I don’t understand lil’ mag sometimes but she is soo cute! I love her. After our breakfast she fell asleep in my laundry basket:

Night Maggers.

I went on a 3-mile nature walk and saw some cute baby deer the one time I don’t bring my camera! Grr. Don’t you just love how things work out that way? 🙂 Oh well maybe next time…

Now I am going to get started on some essay writing then hit up the gym for some Two-Class-Tuesday, woo! Tonight I plan on watching The Biggest Loser again because I think I may be hooked on it after watching it last week. The Biggest Loser is also so inspiring to watch, don’t you agree? Can you imagine being 300 pounds and working out that hard-core? I can’t. I admire each and every one of then for doing that. That’s awesome.

Do you have a favorite show you like to watch?

Two for Tuesday

15 Oct

Hello! How is everyone?

Sorry for the long delay; let’s recap…

Tuesday was wonderful, wanna know why? I went on a nice long walk because it was a beautiful day. I also attended TWO classes at my gym: pi/yo and BLT. I love my Two Class Tuesday’s! I feel my best after these classes. My core is still burning along with my quads but it’s all good, I love it. Who else loves being sore? It’s a great feeling because you know you accomplished something so challenging! I diffidently counted this day as a cardio/core! Anyway, I had the whole day off and I cannot began to explain how much I needed this time.

Wednesday consist of yummy basic veggie stir fry using frozen veggies and instant rice


Chocolate-covered strawberries before the gym? Yes please! 

4-mile autumn walk

Colorful trees make me so so happy!

You know what else makes me happy? PBCB & A’s. (Peanut Butter, Coconut Butter & Apples)

Ohh yeahh…


So simple and sooo satisfying

Tonight is going to be a lazy night with some morning star BBQ ribs and some Red Hot Chili Peppers. A muscle in my right foot really hurts and it’s a little hard to walk. 😦 Maybe some tea will make me feel better?

Do you ever get random body aches? How do you cure them?

Fall Nature Walks

20 Sep

Are my favorite 🙂

After waiting for my 11am class for 2 hours this morning, I find out it was cancelled. At first I was angry that I wasted so much time waiting for my next class but then I realized, hey! I don’t have english today! Good deal. And that’s when I went for my walk. It was such a beautiful day out, I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy the weather.

So as promised, my full adventure from yesterday. We went out for lunch at Pei Wei for the first time. I was really excited when I saw their menu because they had tons of vegan options. Basically, you can replace any meat dish with tofu or veggies. Awesome, right?! I was so excited I finally got to eat sweet and sour tofu… or so I thought. When I ordered the sweet and sour ‘fu I expected it to look like the sweet and sour chicken I guess. You know, breaded, flavorful, different… I was wrong. The sweet and sour tofu was like stir fry with sweet and sour sauce.

If I wanted stir fry I would have saved $7 and made it at home. I mean it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I wanted something nobody else has. The dish also had a very over-powering ginger taste that was not very pleasant and not to mention the brown rice was rather dry. I’m really glad that I also ordered the veggie springs rolls because at least those were somewhat good.

I think I would actually try this place again and order something completely different like pad-thai. They have a lot of good-looking choices on their menu so I hope to go back and find something spectacular.

Later we went to Whole Foods to do a little shopping. I picked up some new things to try like…

Ta-da! After hearing all the ranting and raving over coconut butter,  I finally bought some. Now what? Make a smoothie, bake with it, use it as a dip? Who knows. I’ll probably go and stalk some of your blogs to figure out something I can make with it. 😛

What a love most about Whole Food’s is their amazing salad bar, they have everything! I don’t even really like salad but their salad bar always looks amazing. Little did I know they also carry vegan caeser dressing!!! The dressing was really garlicy and creamy, I loved it. They made a good lunch for school today.

Kale, spinach, peas, red cabbage, quinoa, tofu, grape tomatoes, carrots, & almonds

After getting a few things at Whole Foods we went over to Trader Joe’s to do some more shopping. I found something I have never noticed before.

Lots of muffins! ❤

These were delicious. I normally would eat a muffin as a snack but I ate this for breakfast with a piece of PB’d toast and it kept me full for a long time. I would have bought more than one package of muffins but they all expired within a few days (hey! that must mean they are made with real ingredients!) Next time I want to try the carrot muffins!

I think I’m going to hang out around the house for the rest of the day and enjoy my day off of work. Maybe I’ll read some other blogs and get motivated to cook something, you never know. I hope everyone has a marvelous monday!

PS, did you notice my new ABOUT ME page? About time, huh? 😀