Fitness plays a very important role in every lifestyle. Every body craves exercise and it is our responsibility to satisfy that craving.

As much as I would like to call myself a work-out-aholic, I would be lying. I try to exercise daily but some days I’m just not into it! I used to do lots of cardio back when I was trying to lose weight. To me it was a fun and easy way to burn a lot of calories and help build lean muscle. Now that I’m at the weight I feel is right, I’m really enjoying strength training to help tone my body.


Classes I take

I developed a love for pilates, Zumba Fitness, power yoga, aerobic step, and the typical classes available at my gym.


I don’t really have a set goal when it comes to weight training. I don’t ever plan to become a body builder or anything close but I do enjoy the challenge of building muscle. Mostly to prove the point that not all vegans are weak!

One other fitness goal I have is to someday run a race.  Due to my hypermoble joints I have difficulty running. Once I build up enough muscle to support those joints, I feel it might be a possibility to run. We’ll see how that goes!

Nature Walks

I have found nature walks to be one of the greatest stress relievers for me. I believe that being in nature helps clear my mind and think of the all the bigger things that are more important than test scores and money problems. Sometimes I don’t look at the big picture or how beautiful life really is.

Fitness Foods

I eat a lot of carbs as it is before I work out. Some people still believe carbs are evil. They work for me and I love my good whole grain carbs! Within an hour after I workout I make sure to get a lot of protein in to make sure all my hard work stays put in my muscles. Some of my favorite post-workout snacks include almonds, nut butters, organic snack bars, tofu, beans and protein smoothies.

My Ultimate Strength

I thank God daily for my health and my strength. It’s sad that a lot of people take these things for granted. Some are not so fortunate to have the abilities most of us do.


I am currently in a weight-loss program at my gym! (I’ve gained a lot this summer) Grand prize =$1,000! Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Fitness”

  1. Psyckoprincess December 11, 2010 at 11:12 pm #

    Praise God for sure for health and strength! Yay! And, um, what’s power yoga?? Lol. 😉 I have terrible (TERRIBLE) flexibility and lots of joint pain – though not hypermobile – and have always wanted to try yoga, but I can’t afford the dang classes!

  2. KatsHealthCorner December 4, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    Love this page!! 😀

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