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Vegan & Gluten Free Donuts

5 Nov

Yes, I finally jumped on the baked donut band wagon.

I asked for the donuts pans for my birthday which was a little over 2 months ago. I was so excited to start baking my own donuts but because of the weight loss challenge and trying to form better eating habits I decided that I’d hold off for a few months.

Eating just one is such a challenge, I’ll have three ūüôā

Then I realized making my own donuts would be a lot healthier than most dessert I allow myself to eat now.

Gluten free sprinkles!

I have been saving Mandiee’s vegan donut recipe this whole time! I made the donuts out of Bob’s Red Mill GF flour (plus a tablespoon of oat flour). When you think about it, this donuts aren’t really all that bad health-wise. Flour made out of grains and beans, lower sugar, and healthier topping options such as a melted dark chocolate bar.

My favorite part was frosting them

After I made these I left them out on a plate for my family to enjoy. Forgetting that my brother hates dark chocolate, I offer him one. He¬†immediately spit it out and washed his mouth out, rude!¬†Maybe next time I make them for other people I’ll add a little agave to sweeten them up?

So spongy and fluffy!

He did like the vanilla icing I made out of vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and hot water.

Do you have a donut pan yet?


WIAW #39

19 Oct


Hello friends ūüôā

Hope everything is going good on your Wednesday¬†afternoon. Mine is pretty busy- exams at school, studying, and lots of gym time. I am still¬†keeping up with¬†my weight loss challenge even though I’ve only lost a little over 2 pounds in four weeks, haha! I wish that was a joke. Oh well, I have been pushing myself really hard and I can’t even remember the last¬†day I wasn’t sore! <<<- I think that’s when you know you’re doing great!


Gluten-free, protein packed pumpkin spice pancakes {with chocolate chips!}

I found an old recipe on my blog for vegan pancakes then used GF flour instead of whole wheat, and added chocolate chips and lots of pumpkin pie spice instead of just cinnamon. I honestly thought the texture on this cakes where a lot better than the original¬†some-what gooey cakes. The GF flour made the pancakes so much more fluffy (and nutritious ūüėČ ) !


Wet bean burrito!


recycled picture of me and a smoothie, classic.


Almonds and chocolate chips! yes, I ate them just like this ^. One almond, one chocolate chip. Party in the mouth.

What did you eat today?

Larabar Review

25 Jun

A few months ago the lovely people from LARABAR sent me a lovely sample pack of their new bars to review:

Ok Larabar, you seriously won the cutest package ever award.

What’s inside! What’s inside!

Wait, didn’t they send me four bars?

Oh, that’s right, I ate the cinnamon roll bar on my long quarter-acre¬†walk back from the mailbox. Wheew! That’s was rough.

Cinnamon Roll-¬†Hey, like I said, I tore this baby UP! Nom, nom. I asked Larabar¬†to please send me this flavor cause I can never find it anywhere! Thanks Larabar! I think this would be really good in the microwave¬†for a few seconds, or maybe that defeats the purpose of it being “raw”?

Chocolate Chip Brownie– This is healthy? You gotta be joking. I was clearly eating a brownie.¬† Almost as good as my homemade version! ūüėČ

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip– I think that title is basically like… “’nuff said.” Not too sweet, not too salty, loved it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough– I am actually still hoarding this somewhere, you know how I get.

What LARABAR flavor sounds best to you? Check out all of the flavors here!

I would like to try the jocalat chocolate hazelnut! Yum!

Blogging for Breakfast

28 May
One of my favorite things that I have learned from the blogging community is how to make a killer BREAKFAST.

Is that weird?

Think about it…

OIAJ, Chia pudding, lazy pancakes, SIAB, Boat meal, Over night oats, ect.

I love us ‚ô•

I’m almost embarrassed to say that today was the first time I have ever made a breakfast Pizzert!

I see Kathleen make these all the time! However, the last one she posted diffidently caught my eye and I knew what was for breakfast the next morning.

I used her recipe for the pizzerts but I added a scoop of hemp chocolate protein powder and topped mine with coconut yogurt, banana chips, strawberries, toasted coconut, and cacao nibs.

I still can’t get over how amazing this was.I used to believe that I couldn’t eat things like this for breakfast cause it would make me sick. Then, I realized that it’s just white flour and¬†sugar that¬†makes me feel that way. Also, I really like this recipe because¬†it’s made with oat flour instead of white or wheat flour. Score!

What is your favorite breakfast?

WIAW Week #10

29 Mar

It’s¬†Wednesday! You know what that means…



Oatmeal with PB and a juicy orange!


Quinoa pasta! What??? This stuff is awesome. The box says that once you try it, you’ll never go back to regular pasta. I think they are on to something…


& Guess who finally tried Kabocha squash???

Loved it! Oh my gosh. I don’t know why this was so incredibly good. It was roasted with butter, salt and pepper. Amazing! Why¬†does this¬†taste so much better than other squash?!?!



Was some un-pictured mac n’ “cheese” ūüôā

And just for fun…

Tommy & Peanut:


Awhh. I love them so much!

What did you eat today?

I’m cool like that.

26 Mar

Honestly, I don’t know whats cooler; going to the bar with your parents on a Friday night, or staying home and getting caught up on some housework/baking.

Last night, I went with the second option.

What was on the menu for tonight? 

Gluten-free raspberry oat bars

The recipe was on the back of Bob’s Red Mill oat flour, it just reminded me of a Nutrigrain bar my grandma and I used to eat together. Not really worth posting the recipe, sorry Bob.

Vegan chocolate chip muffins

Finally, muffin success. Check out the recipe I used here.

& Four flavors of vegan yogurt.

Peach, raspberry, cranberry, &¬†mixed berry¬†all made with Stevia to help ween me off sugar. ūüėČ This time I used Xanthan Gum in my yogurt to thicken it up! Loved it!

Yes, I think I’m actually going to go a week without any sugar starting April 1st. However, I will be consuming minimal amounts of Stevia and maybe some agave if needed. This¬†should be interesting.¬†

Oh, and special thanks to my buddy Jen for this lovely feature!

Thanks Jenny!¬†I have so much fun doing the What I Ate Wednesday every week, it forces me to eat pretty, healthy¬†food. Not that I don’t like doing that anyway!

Cannot wait for tomorrow! ‚ô•