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My 7 Links

11 Aug

Hi friends, quick post today before I am off to the gym!

Liz @ iheartvegetables tagged me for….

7 links!

 (Although somehow it is only 6 links…)

My most beautiful post


My most popular post

Besides any giveaways on this blog, most of my popular posts come from the What I Ate Wednesday category.

My most controversial post

I’ve learned to leave controversy off the blog.

A post whose success surprised me

Honestly, my Give Me Fuel seemed to be quite a hit. I really enjoyed writing it and I wish I had time to write more helpful posts like this.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Probably Vegfest 2011, seriously you guys, I met Tal Ronnen!

The post I am most proud of

Probably my first One-Day Liquid Green Fast. Juice fasting has become one of my greatest health tools. Although I have never went longer than a day, the benefits are amazing. Something I’ve never mentioned on the blog was how I had the chickenpox about a month ago. One friend passed it on me and 2 other friends. A few days after I started showing signs I decided that I wasn’t going to put up with having the chickenpox, so I juice/smoothie fasted for a day. One day later, my bumps went down. 5 days later I was completely healed. Over a month later, everyone in the chickenpox group is still dealing with the bumps.

 Be back later!


Market Recap Monday (week 11)

8 Aug

After two weeks of being MIA from our original market, we were so happy to return!

The market stayed open an hour later to collaborate with the art fair that was going on this weekend as well. We were very excited about meeting new people from the art fair traffic. We saw lots of new faces as well as a few different news crews. Apparently one journalist has been trying to contact us for over a month now. I could tell he was very excited to write a story on our business! People really like our story. I think a lot of the locals are attracted to us because we are just average people trying to make a living doing what we love. We don’t have a lot of money but we put all of what we have along with our hearts into everything we do hoping to turn it into something big one day. It seems like each week we are getting at least 10 requests to open a restaurant. Sure this would be a dream come true, help us build up to that point! Seriously. 😉

Anyway, I wanted to show you the massive amount of produce I got FOR FREE.

A super generous vendor said his produce was “getting old” and he needed to get rid of it. So, I’m sure you can only imagine what I walked away with!

(that white veggie is apparently some sort of summer squash it looked so cute, I had to get it!)

Tons and tons or carrots, zucchini, melon, beets, onions, yellow squash, green peppers, cucumber, and other peppers.

I roasted as much as I could fit in my oven…

By the way, I thought that I didn’t like beets. But I now I love them roasted! With just a little basil and thyme.

I juiced some…

& I chopped a lot of them for a huge salad…

I also juiced about 20 cucumbers and poured them into ice-cube trays. I thought this would be a good idea for green smoothies. The juicer is just too much of a pain to wash!

What is your favorite summer veggie?

Farmers Market recap 6

27 Jun

Hi friends!

Wow, what a crazy week! After nearly 6 days of being extremely sick, I think I’m starting to feel better! It was so weird, I felt like everyday was a new illness because it was all so random! First the flu, then a cold, then what felt like strep throat or tonsilitis, then back to the flu… it was insane. Not mention my loss of appetite, that’s always a strange one for me. I ❤ food.


Raw nut butters for sale! Only sold 2 mini. 😦



Look at all of the cans!

No, you’re a jerk. This is Scott’s jerk marinade. Oh my goodness, IT’S HOT! I actually tried it though and it was good.

Banjo band playing behind our stand. Nice music but having to scream the ingredients to our customers was not joyful.


The Jar Head Salsa guys are our good friends. Scott helps them with marketing and I eat the salsa.

This booth belongs to another good friend of ours. She is super talented and friendly!

I didn’t realize this at the time I took this picture but I totally know this family!

Our first attempt at making mustard. It was a hit! Although this is what broke my Vitamix (more on that later).

I love how I never have to buy soap again, I simply trade for it.

Lots of plants!

beautiful day at the market 🙂

Taking Risks

I don’t like being a negative nancy on my blog (or in real life) but things just aren’t going “great”. I’m definitely not saying things are going bad, but honestly, Scott and I are starting to worry. I guess I really wouldn’t say “worry” but more “over thinking” if you will. We spend all of our money on food to prepare for the market, it’s actually extremely risky business because we never know what to expect! But people love us. & I know in my heart that God is always good. People like what we’re doing, they love seeing our new recipes we come up with and they love getting the chance to try new food. But we’re not really making money at the Market. What do we tell customers, “hey, buy our stuff so we can pay rent and not be homeless”. That will really make them want to come back. There is no doubt in our minds that we will continue to grow each week but, can we really keep up with buying new blenders and fancy jars to make the products the customer’s want to see? We really don’t know what to do! Except pray. Pray that we will get a few catering jobs just to help us grow a little more. Give thanks that we are extremely blessed to be living in such a great country in which we are able to do things like this. Be thankful for how much we have grown. And always stay hopeful because God is always good.

& With that said, we may have a new business opportunity coming up. Fingers crossed that they call back today.

Questions of the Day: Tell me about a time that you took a risk.

Good Bye A&P….

23 Jan

Until we meet again.

Hello again friends.

I am dedicating this post strictly to venting because I care about my reader’s honest thoughts and opinions because in real life, I have very few friends.

Tomorrow morning I will be dropping my A&P class to take lower-level science classes.

Because of my lacking science background I really should have started out in biology AND chemistry 100 classes. Unfortunately, my counselor didn’t think so and now im going to pay for it…. literally.

If you know anything about me, you know im not a quitter so this is very hard for me. Im really emotional right now because I don’t know if im making the right choice.  However, I am currently working on trusting in God 100% to take me down the right path.

I don’t know what the point of this was. I guess im just looking for support.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Hopes, Dreams, and Biology

5 Nov

My life in photo’s from this week:



Hello again friends. Long time no post once again, whoops! I have been keeping pretty busy with school and work and keeping in shape. Yesterday in my arm’s class we did HIT! Soo many reps and so many weights, I’m surprised I’m not sore. It was fun though, probably the highlight of my stressful week.

So besides nature walks, food, and new issues of Vegnews magazines I have been pretty stressed out with college.



Good news: I have A’s in both of my classes! I was never an A student in high school so this is pretty impressive.

Bad news: New classes next semester don’t look so hot. After waiting 4 and a half hours to register for new classes (sounds fun right?) I finally got to talk to a counselor. I explained to her that because I did not have high math in high school and I did not even take biology in high school I think I need to be in general bio. So what did she do? She placed me in one of the hardest biology classes they have. Not only that, but then she had the nerve to tell me that if I plan to transfer to another school I need to get a 4.0 in bio or else I might as well give up and stay at this shitty college and join the nursing program because it’s not as competitive.

First of all, what does a dietician and a nurse have in common? Not a whole lot actually.
Second, if I wanted to be a nurse, I would have told her that a long time ago.
Third, there’s no way that I am going to get a 4.o in bio if I have never taken a bio class.

So basically my future depends on this biology class that I wasn’t even ready to take yet. Should I drop it? Should I keep it? Should not worry about it and let God guide me into what ever he wants me to do?

Have you ever switched your major from something you always wanted to do?

And how about the Vegnews Awards? Did your votes win? 🙂