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A Day in the Life

20 Apr

Hello friends ūüôā

I haven’t been posting a lot of meals lately. I’m a busy woman! But, I will let you in on today’s¬†food I brought to work! Today I work from 7-3, so I like to bring a large snack like (a whole tub of) fruit or soy yogurt and granola which I usually eat around 10AM, because my break usually isn’t until about noon. On days like this, I’m not usually extremely hungry at 6:30AM so I’ll have¬†toast with PB¬†or a date bar before I leave. Sometimes, I even bring in overnight oats. So, yes, by 10AM I’m starving.


Green tub- Roasted veggies and potatoes with a falafel.
White tub- FRUIT MESS. Plum, pear, kiwi.
Middle tub- Homemade hummus.
Plastic bag- Chocolate chocolate chip cookie (the ones I tweeted about that I added too much liquid too, turned out tasting like brownies! WIN).
& Water. I get free water bottles at work but I feel bad for using bottled water sometimes :/

Somedays, I pack a lunch and dinner if I’m doing a work¬†& school combo.

Oh, and yesterday my Zumba¬†instructor was sick SO guess who got to teach for the first time? MEEE! It was so much fun! I loved it. I wasn’t even that nervous! Everyone was so sad that Zumba was cancelled then, when I asked if they wanted me to teach, they all started screaming and jumping around! It was so cute! I love them. I¬† messed up a few times but I have a feeling that nobody noticed!

Do you pack meals? If so, What do you pack?


WIAW week #13

20 Apr

Okay, so Chicago’s Subway seriously does have a falafel sub, you guys weren’t kidding!

I vote on somebody buying me that SWEET “falafel sandwich” T-shirt, I’d wear it.

I would really like to know why it’s just fancy vegan-friendly cities like Chicago that get falafel at Subway. Maybe that’s why Chicago is a high demand city for vegan food, cause people eat these falafel subs and turn vegan. ūüėČ

I also hear that Chipotle¬†in Los Angeles offers a vegan “chicken” burritos. That’s great, but honestly, I love Chipotle¬†so much, vegan “chicken” is unnecessary. Give me those extra beans! ūüėČ The closest Chipotle around is an hour away from me. Needless to say, I went there yesterday! ūüôā

I also want to thank each and every one of you who left awesome advice on this post. My friend was really flattered by all the helpful comments, I’ll keep you updated on what she decides to do!

¬†Hey it’s Wednesday!

That means…¬†NEXT WEEK IS MY LAST WEEK OF CLASSES! You know what that means, in eight more weeks it will be hello summer. Which means hello full-time job and nice pay checks! Finally. I hate being poor! In other news, I will be teaching¬†Zumba¬†in 10 days! I better get practicing. Oh, and studying for Finals?


Strawberry Whole Soy yog, granola, coconut and prunes.




Synergy & a nice bowl of kiwi, bananas, pears, pineapple, and plums.


More falafel! Ok, so I didn’t eat this whole plate full, promise!

& THAT was What I Ate Wednesday…

What did you eat today?

Fantastic World Foods Review Part 1

18 Apr


First of all, I’m falafel’s biggest fan, just sayin’. I could eat it everyday however, I’m not sure if my tummy would like me putting a¬†gas-y food like falafel in it everyday!

Yesterday my brother says to me, “OH Whit, I forgot to tell you that when I was in Chicago I went to Subway and they had a falafel sub! It looked so gross, it reminded me of you!”

Thanks bro.

Yes, as weird as you may think falafel looks, why don’t you just try so we can share our love for falafel together?



This wasn’t my first time trying Fantastic World Food’s Falafel box mix. I just honestly love this product so much and when I had to choose two products to review from FWF this was an easy choice. (Notice this is part 1, I’m obviously having a hard time choosing another product! So many choices!)

You can pick up the falafel box mix for about $3-$4 which makes approximately 8 patties. Usually falafel is about $1 a patty at a restaurant! The taste is not the same completely but it’s similar enough to keep my falafel obsession in control. If you’re slightly ghetto like me, you probably don’t have one of those fancy falafel tools that makes them into a perfect shape. But that’s okay too! You don’t need one.¬†Ours still¬†turned out pretty, right?

One difference in the appearance is the patty isn’t that green color on the inside. But again, I’m not that picky, IT’S FALAFEL! ūüėÄ

Overall, I WILL buy this product many more times, seriously, IT’S FALAFEL. Buy this box mix, add some water, fry it in some oil, save some money, have some fun.

Thank you¬†Fantastic World Foods! ūüôā

Have you ever had/heard of a falafel sub from Subway?

$21 Challenge (days 1 & 2)

16 Aug

$21 Challenge: Day one.

Today I got off to a good start on my challenge. This meal cost me 34 cents.

At least it does they way I count it. I count per servings for my meals so the instant oatmeal cost 2.69 for 30 servings. One serving of oats cost 9 cents. The bananas were 44 cents a pound so I figured one small one would be around 15 cents. The amount of brown sugar I used cost pretty much nothing but we’ll go with 5 cents. And that’s breakfast!

After I went shopping with my mom for two hours I needed something quick so I grabbed a carrot cake Clif bar $1. My favorite flavor btw! I left one of these in my hot car the other day and it was all warm and gooey, so delicious! I never noticed the little packets of frosting they have in them until it was warm.

For lunch, scott made me some falafel and I ate half a box because I was starving. Hummus + Falafel =2.22. Does this really count if somebody makes you a meal?¬†ūüôā

After running around all day again, I needed something fast. Like I said, I don’t do this often but I made a quick taco bell run. Bean burrito $0.89.

Sunday’s Grand Total…$4.40

Today was really not a good day for this! I felt like I spent a lot but I did not eat enough. But hey, what do you do when you’re not home all day? I think I am going to do the challenge differently for the next few weeks, the way I intended to do it this week. That is to not spend more than $21 a week. You can use all the food you already have but just be very creative with it! You have no idea how much rice I have in my house right now, it’s ridiculous. Although this is a good idea for a challenge, I feel it would get quite annoying trying to remember how much you paid for all the food. If you are a coupon cutter like my mom, sometimes the food is pretty much free! Today she ended up paying about a quarter for each box of cereal.

Day Two:

Breakfast- Cheerios and almond milk (both on sale!) like I said, Mom bought Cheerios for about a quarter each so one serving is 5 cents. I had a coupon for one dollar off almond milk so one tiny cereal serving is 25 cents.

Lunch and dinner- okay so I cheated. I went out to eat, it was another busy day but I got a lot of food (two meals) for 6.99. Say hello to my Mongolian bbq one vegetarian bowl feast:

Mmm. This was amazing! One of my favorite places to go out to eat is Mongolian Barbecue. Incase¬†you are not familiar¬†with this restaurant, let me explain. You can either order a vegetarian bowl or a meat bowl (for once vegan eating is cheaper at a restaurant) you then go fill your bowl up with whatever you want in your little stir fry, they even offer tofu! I like to get every single veggie they have available. Next, you make your own sauce. Today I mixed peanut, lemon, soy sauce, and fresh garlic. Last, you bring your bowl up to they big grill and they grill your food. Be sure to tell them you are vegetarian so they clean your grill area really well and use separate tools that haven’t touched meat. Pretty cool!

Monday’s Total: $7.29

I can’t believe I already spent half of¬†my week’s money in two days. Will I be able to finish the challenge? You’ll have to stay tuned¬†to find out.


20 Jul

Woowee what a busy day!

Today, Scott and I did a lot¬†of running around looking for a tent and other camping supplies for our camping trip coming up on the 2nd. We got a really good deal on a 7 person¬†tent. It was originally $160, on sale for $139 PLUS 20% off. Score ūüôā

We went out for lunch at one of my favorite places, Taboon. We were both defiantly in need of some of their falafel.

And how could you forget the fattosh?

Yum. This was perfect. Well, other than waiting about an hour to get our food. That was pretty ridiculous¬†considering we were the first people and everyone got their food before us. But that’s okay, we enjoy each other’s company. ūüôā

I should really be at the gym right now because I am trying to go everyday this week. Today is my only day off until next Tuesday so I really have no excuse not to go tonight and work on my core. Does anybody know any good core workouts?¬†I usually just do cardio and strength training so I’m pretty new at this.¬† I’m also thinking about buying a yoga DVD but there are so many to close from! Sometimes I do yoga at my gym but, I kinda suck at that too. You know it’s bad when the 60+ women can hold a pose longer than you can. I think I just talked myself into going to the gym.

Stay tuned for my recipe on Vegan Blueberry Bars & Summer Smoothie Pops!