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Santa Lara

27 Dec

Hi everyone! Hope you had a safe and happy holiday!

Santa Lara visited my house a little late this year with nothing other than…


The new Larabar flavor!


C a p p u c c i n o


Ingredients: Dates, almonds, cashews, coffee, vanilla extract

Very unique flavor! I really like it but I’m sure I would enjoy it more with chocolate chips in it. Jocalat? No, BUT, that’s just me and my coffee+chocolate obsession.

What did Santa Lara bring for you?

Christmas recap coming SOON 🙂


WIAW #34

14 Sep

Hello again!

I’m glad that everyone liked the pumpkin cookies from yesterday’s post! They are quite delicious. As mentioned, I have been busybusybusy. Five days out of the week have been gym, school, work…gym, school, work….gym, school, work. That schedule takes up a good 15-16 hours of my day! Not to mention this week I have class mon-sat, boo. For just one weekend I have a Friday and Saturday class (7 hours a day) for one credit.


I’ve been eating a ton of oatmeal lately! You know… making up for lost breakfast. I have been adding chopped dates, apples, and some almond butter in my oats, yum! My second breakfast was an apple (honeycrisp!!!), a few bananas, and a Larabar.


Cabbage soup! & a chocolate protein muffin.


Baked falafel! With hummus and pita. Not as good as fried but a lot more healthier I’m sure. More on this goodness on Friday!

& That’s all for today! Have a great Wednesday!!!

WIAW week 27

27 Jul


Coconut yogurt (for .29 cents!) topped with homemade granola, and a pear on the side. Later on I ate some oats and a muffin I baked for the market! Yum.

Blueberry Bran Muffin:

Recipe soon!


Homemade mac & chreese! Yum. I made this out of gluten-free brown rice mac noodles and Tal Ronnen’s cashew cream (1 cup soaked cashews overnight, then blended in the Vitamix with water) mixed with a tomato, basil, nooch, S&P, turmeric, and Diaya. I baked in the over at 350 for about 10 minutes until gooey and creamy. I was very impressed with myself! Super creamy and still pretty healthy! It taste so naughty. 😉


Fattoush salad and other random items such as a banana bread LARABAR, hummus, & tempeh.

 What did you eat today?

Larabar Review

25 Jun

A few months ago the lovely people from LARABAR sent me a lovely sample pack of their new bars to review:

Ok Larabar, you seriously won the cutest package ever award.

What’s inside! What’s inside!

Wait, didn’t they send me four bars?

Oh, that’s right, I ate the cinnamon roll bar on my long quarter-acre walk back from the mailbox. Wheew! That’s was rough.

Cinnamon Roll- Hey, like I said, I tore this baby UP! Nom, nom. I asked Larabar to please send me this flavor cause I can never find it anywhere! Thanks Larabar! I think this would be really good in the microwave for a few seconds, or maybe that defeats the purpose of it being “raw”?

Chocolate Chip Brownie– This is healthy? You gotta be joking. I was clearly eating a brownie.  Almost as good as my homemade version! 😉

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip– I think that title is basically like… “’nuff said.” Not too sweet, not too salty, loved it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough– I am actually still hoarding this somewhere, you know how I get.

What LARABAR flavor sounds best to you? Check out all of the flavors here!

I would like to try the jocalat chocolate hazelnut! Yum!

Texas SWAP

22 Apr
I loved hearing about your meal packing experience on my yesterday’s post! I enjoy packing meals because I’ll know that healthy meals are available throughout the day, and well, I’m forced eat healthy, right?
I also believe in a fun lunch bag such as:

In other news, Christin and I decided to do a food swap! Poor Christin doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s, so I got her TJ’s swag and she got me a lot of  s w e e t  things from TEXAS!

This girl hooked me up!

Purple Bird Christin’s packages included:


You have no idea how badly I wanted to try these Artisana packets! Thanks girlfriend!

Homemade PB? Are you serious? I LOVE YOU.

Awesome bars I haven’t tried before…

Awesome AB I’ve never tried before…


Roasted nuts

Local soap! My favorite.

PEANUT FLOUR that is no longer to be found?!?!?

Thank you so much CHRISTIN!

♥ I LOVE food swaps ♥

The Perfect Date

13 Mar

So basically, I love dates.

They are so much fun to bake with because they are unique and full of health benefits such as Vitamin A, antioxidants, fiber, and they are a good source of natural sugar.

One way that I like to eat dates is though eating a Larabar. However, we all know Larabars can be quite costly.

But who needs Larabars anyway? Get some dates, get some nuts, and get some dried fruit then throw it in the food processor and roll them into pretty balls.

Seriously, try this. I will post recipes for my balls as soon as I perfect them! These were so much fun to make, I cannot wait to experiment with new flavors.

What’s your favorite Larabar flavor?

I hope everybody had a great weekend 🙂