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WIAW week 36

28 Sep

Hey friends!

H a p p y   W e d ne s d a y !

Before we get this party started, I want to update you on my first week of my weight loss challenge results.
Ready for this?


I weigh exactly the same as last Wednesday. Am I upset? Not really. I was sick all weekend and have been told that my body is probably holding on to everything still. Not to mention, I think I have a whole pound of snot in my nose right now! However, next week I am expecting a big number. I am aiming towards losing 4.4 pounds. I know that’s a lot but im going for it!!! I’ve been eating really good and going to the gym everyday.

Anyway. Please excuse the random meal order and poor quality pictures, I took them on my phone!



Stuffed mini spaghetti & acorn squash


Grilled veggies & fresh raw tomatoes


My first ever green smoothie with avocado! Banana, spinach, strawberries, avocado.


Oh, can’t forget the babes, look at his tongue! Aren’t they silly!?!?!

Welp, off to bootcamp tonight, wish me luck!


Market Recap Monday (vote for hummus!)

26 Sep

Hi guys! This week’s MRM is extra special…

I am giving you all the chance to vote for a flavored hummus below and I will post the recipe sometime this week!


As the market season is coming to an end, I will have a lot more time for recipe postage so be prepared! We are excited to share a few recipes (without giving a few secret ingredients away of course) with the public.

Comment below telling me which hummus recipe you would like to see me post!

We’re Turning Orange!

23 Oct

I love everyone and their pumpkin/squash/sweet potato posts! The food blogging world is obsessing over fall foods and I’m loving every minute of it. I never thought that there would be so many ways to cook some fall favorites:

Sweet potatoes galore with Snacking Squirrel!

Stuffed Acorn Squash from Kiki

Butternut Squash Soup is being made by Urban Vegan

More Butternut Squash from Chelsey

Roasted Carrots at Vegan Crunk!

Kabocha Squash with Kelsey

And you can’t forget PUMPKIN. Megan’s making over night pumpkin oats!

Have I shared my love for HEAB’s Pumpkin Pancakes yet???

I veganized this by using egg replacer.

I would recommend doubling this recipe because you won’t be able to stop eating them. I topped mine with maple syrup and almond butter.

Are you turning orange yet? Share your orange food!

A Food-filled Weekend

19 Oct


Hope everyone is doing great on this fabulous Tuesday and I hope you had a great weekend! I spent my entire Sunday cooking with my man. I brought over the Eat-Clean recipe book and we got to work. We made the…

Butternut squash soup

This was okay. Honestly I was not very impressed. Butternut squash soup usually doesn’t have a lot of onion or garlic in it so it taste kind of funny. I like my butternut squash soup sweet and creamy so I didn’t really expect this.

 Spilt pea soup

Again, not what I expected. This was really watery and bland. infact, now that I think of it, the only spilt pea soup I ever enjoyed was Amy’s. Yes, it was in a can! Gasp.

& Quinoa with sun-dried tomatoes

Now this was great! It had so many unique flavors and textures I can’t wait to make more. I’m glad we made a double batch because my mom can’t stop eating it; she never eats my food! We used a blend of red and white quinoa and it turned out real pretty 🙂

We also made some other things like pesto, garlic butter, hummus and roasted veggies, yum!

Random photo’s of the food being cooked:


I had a wonderful smoothie for breakfast along with some almond oats:

Smoothie: Frozen strawberries and mango in pineapple orange juice with 2 scoops of protein powder topped with pomegranate seeds

Maggie is always trying to eat my breakfast, she is so weird. Maggie also loves oatmeal but not just to eat: she claws at it as if the oatmeal is her prey. What other cat plays with oatmeal? Come on. I don’t understand lil’ mag sometimes but she is soo cute! I love her. After our breakfast she fell asleep in my laundry basket:

Night Maggers.

I went on a 3-mile nature walk and saw some cute baby deer the one time I don’t bring my camera! Grr. Don’t you just love how things work out that way? 🙂 Oh well maybe next time…

Now I am going to get started on some essay writing then hit up the gym for some Two-Class-Tuesday, woo! Tonight I plan on watching The Biggest Loser again because I think I may be hooked on it after watching it last week. The Biggest Loser is also so inspiring to watch, don’t you agree? Can you imagine being 300 pounds and working out that hard-core? I can’t. I admire each and every one of then for doing that. That’s awesome.

Do you have a favorite show you like to watch?

Apple Picking, Attempt 2

19 Sep

 Hello everyone 🙂

Like the new layout? I think I’m going to stick with this one for a while.

Today was a very eventful day… well, compared to the last few anyway. Scott and I went to Yate’s Cider Mill because I was under the impression that they had an orchard. The orchard was not a U-Pick orchard so if you wanted apples you had to buy them over-priced out of cardboard boxes. What kind of fun is that?

We did enjoy some delicious apple cider that tasted like it was made the day of. Probably the best cider I’ve ever had anyway.

We spent no longer than 20 minutes at the mill until we decided to move on. We stopped at a large produce stand on the way to getting lost lunch. They had lots of different types of squash including acorn, spaghetti,  and butternut. I never tried spaghetti squash but it looks yummy and nothing like spaghetti, oh well. They also had a bunch of pumpkins at the stand that I was excited to see. I love pumpkins! I can’t wait to make some pumpkin seeds and eat them when they are fresh and warm right out of the oven with a little pumpkin goo still stuck to them. I love sticking my hand into the pumpkin and playing with all the “pumpkin guts” and making a huge mess. So what if I’m 19-years-old… I’m going to play in “pumpkin guts” till I’m 62. Admit it, you do the same thing! I’m not a huge fan of carving pumpkin though, it’s too dangerous for me. I used to always draw a face on my pumpkin when I was a kid and then have my dad carve it out because nobody trust me with knives! I can’t blame them though I guess, nobody should trust a kid with a knife, look what happened to Chuckie! Dangerous stuff. I also remember how the day after Halloween we would throw our pumpkins in the yard and wait for the deer to come eat them, that was my favorite. What are some of your childhood experiences with pumpkin carving?

Don’t worry, I still will go apple picking one of these days. I want to pick me some big, juicy, honey crisps! I want to have so many apples that I wont know what to do with them all. Until then, here is a little apple trivia just to keep the excitement alive.


About Them Apples:

  • Michigan is the top 3rd state for apple producing.

  • The number one best-selling apple is the Red Delicious (Pssh, the grosses one..)

  • Planting an apple seed from a particular apple will not produce a tree of that same variety. The seed is a cross of the tree the fruit was grown on and the variety that was the cross pollinator.

  • There are over 7,500 different verities of apples grown in the world and 2,500 in the US alone.

  • Apples are a great source of fiber. (about 5 grams per apple)

  • 2/3 of the fiber from that apples is in the skin of the apple.

  • Americans eat about 65 apples a year on average.

But wait, that’s not all! Stay tuned for the rest of my adventure! I went to a new place for lunch and then I did a little Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s adventuring!