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Farmers’ Market RECAP week 3

6 Jun

Hey guys!

We had another AWESOME week at the FM.

I have lots of photo’s to share…

Date ball sign! Which flavor sounds best to you? Last week I sold A LOT of these and this week it was just ok. I might not make more this week, I don’t know yet. I feel like people don’t really appreciate them. I sell them for $1.50 each (for a 1.8 ounce ball… that’s more than a Larabar!) which is actually cheap in my opinion considering the cost of dates and nuts.

First time doing muffins so I only made 6, and sold out quick! (ok, so I ate 3…). Next week I think I’m going to do gluten-free muffins and some mini muffins!

Close up of date balls being melted in the heat. Some people had a problem with me labeling these sugar-free because there is a touch of agave in the ingredients. I told them it’s like eating an apple or a date. If you consider that sugar, I don’t. One man said, “if it’s sweet, it has sugar in it…” Which I completely disagree.

Sample dish! Which one would you try first: regular hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, regular olive tapenade, peppanade (more peppers, less olives) or Loubie Bezit (a middle eastern dish with tomatoes, whole cloves of garlic, and italian green beans).

Lots of shoppers!

Awesome vendor who traded 4 plants for hummus (see below)

Dogs EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t pet ALL OF THEM. I think it is really cool that our FM allows dogs!

Scott holding down the table…

Yummy iced green tea


& more

The plants I mentioned above.

Traded for this baby too! Nice snack.

Yours truly looking extra cheesy…

GRANOLA! Do you like our stickers?!?!?!

This week we were invited to so many different FMs, local events, and other benefits to vendor at. Needless to say, Scott and I are pretty excited.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures! I hope you enjoyed them. 🙂

What are your thoughts on agave? Do you think it is a sugar or would you label it sugar-free?

The only reason I label it sugar-free is because I have seen ingredients that have listed agave but the food was labeled sugar-free.


I’m cool like that.

26 Mar

Honestly, I don’t know whats cooler; going to the bar with your parents on a Friday night, or staying home and getting caught up on some housework/baking.

Last night, I went with the second option.

What was on the menu for tonight? 

Gluten-free raspberry oat bars

The recipe was on the back of Bob’s Red Mill oat flour, it just reminded me of a Nutrigrain bar my grandma and I used to eat together. Not really worth posting the recipe, sorry Bob.

Vegan chocolate chip muffins

Finally, muffin success. Check out the recipe I used here.

& Four flavors of vegan yogurt.

Peach, raspberry, cranberry, & mixed berry all made with Stevia to help ween me off sugar. 😉 This time I used Xanthan Gum in my yogurt to thicken it up! Loved it!

Yes, I think I’m actually going to go a week without any sugar starting April 1st. However, I will be consuming minimal amounts of Stevia and maybe some agave if needed. This should be interesting. 

Oh, and special thanks to my buddy Jen for this lovely feature!

Thanks Jenny! I have so much fun doing the What I Ate Wednesday every week, it forces me to eat pretty, healthy food. Not that I don’t like doing that anyway!

Cannot wait for tomorrow! ♥

Things have got to change.

22 Jul

I’m diffidently not feeling too much like a super hero these days.

I feel greasy.

I feel bloated.

I feel tired.

My morning starts out pretty good with a big healthy bowl of oatmeal, nuts, flax and fruit. Sometime after that I do this thing where I eat a bunch of crap cookies, processed vegan meals, half of a whole freaking pizza at 8:30pm, chips, sugary dips, you name it. I have been working out a little harder but all this food damage will not do any good to my body. I have been doing well with no drinking coffee. I can’t even remember the last time I drank coffee. Oh wait, yes I can… coming home from Florida so it’s been almost a month! Baby steps. The sugar thing has got to go though. All this baking for my open house is not good for me. I think after I eat all my bad food I bought, I am going to go on a sugar-free challenge. It might only be for a week or so, but hey, it’s better than nothing. What I need to do is stop buying unhealthy crap. If you don’t buy them, you can’t eat them! Don’t worry, I will still post my blueberry bars and smoothie pops but I don’t have photo’s of them yet.

 Tonight I will attend power yoga to build strength and really listen to my body. I’m not a big yoga fan (although I would like to be) but when I do it, it really helps me realize which muscles I need to work on. The reason I don’t do a lot of yoga is because I get serious toe and foot cramps and it really bothers me! Does anybody else have this problem?

I also really need to start focusing on what my body needs like more protein. All this extra exercising without changing my diet might be harmful. I should diffidently be eating more nuts and beans. A little protein powder wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

I’ve been feeling pretty weak lately even though my muscles are getting a tad bigger. I wonder why that is.

Anywho, my point is that things will be changing around here for the better! More protein, less sugar. That’s my new motto.

Well I guess I better go make a hemp protein shake before my workout!

Until next time!