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Take that, coupon moms!

30 Sep

I’m pretty sure that I am the only girl in the entire world that hates shopping. Think about it, what is so fun about shopping anyway? Clothes are extremely overpriced, nothing ever fits, finding things that “match” really stresses me out. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a new pair of jeans or some new socks once in a while, it makes me feel good. But having a new outfit everyday of the year is a bit wasteful if you ask me.

Yesterday, I stopped in JC Penny’s because I heard they had a few good deals on workout clothes. Not going to lie, new workout clothes always makes me happy! It gets me motivated to “try them out” if you will. 🙂

The store had a great selection of running shorts and shirts 40% off and I got a little excited, they were nice clothes!

Then I realised I was missing the HUGE SALE everyone in the store was going after! Everything on these racks were $2.97. They had a bit of a verity, in fact, most of the items I have picked out from the 40% off rack, I found in the 80% off rack for $2.97!

I might have went just a little over-board.

$25 shorts for $2.97 each.


$30 tanks for $2.97 each.

$28 biking shorts for $2.97 each.

$20 yoga shirts for $2.97 each.

I think you get the idea.

But incase you don’t believe me, here is my receipt:



Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off you Pi/Yo in my new tank!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Any special plans this weekend?


PB Pancakes

13 Dec

Good Morning.

How is everyone on this chilly Monday morning?

The weather yesterday was insane around here… it was like a blizzard!

Over 200 closings in Mid-Michigan for today. Pretty much every school except my college! But you know what? I didn’t go anyway. I was not waking up and 5AM to shovel snow so I could actually get out of my driveway and risk my life driving on an icy expressway to go to school. Sorry final speech exam, not today.


This called for some peanut butter pancakes.

Serves 2-3

  • 1 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 T sugar
  • 2 1/2 t baking powder
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1 1/2 cup soymilk
  • 1 “egg” I used the powdered egg replacer
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter

I topped mine with Justin’s Maple PB mixed with more maple syrup

You can also add chocolate chips if you wish.

Tip: To save time in the morning, make a double batch of pancake mix and store in the fridge for a few quick breakfast’s throughout the week.

So what was in that package I showed in the last post?

If you guessed new yoga gear you were correct! Besides, what else could fit in this funny-shaped box?

A new mat, 2 blocks, and a mat case.

I have been debating on getting into some more yoga and this helped make up my mind for sure! I cannot wait to try out these blocks. One of the reasons I stopped doing regular yoga was because my arms and so long that sometimes some yoga poses can be really awkward and uncomfortable. I’ve seen blocks at other stores for around $10 which is a complete waste of money considering the blocks are just a big hunk of foam. However, at the yoga accessories online store, these blocks were on sale for $4. (Sorry but the sale is over now)

How do you feel about yoga?

Now go enter my giveaway and make a snowman!

The Attack of the Yoga Mat

21 Oct

Yes, you read that correctly, I am a victim of what might be the first ever: yoga mat attack.

That is my skin hanging from my big toe after my mat bit me!

How on earth could a yoga mat ever injure somebody? Maybe I should explain…

Okay, so maybe my mat didn’t bit me, Apparently I had extremely dry skin on the bottom of my big toe and as I was coming up from a downward dog the first layer of my skin literally peeled right off my toe and took out a good chuck. The funny thing was, I didn’t even notice it was happened! I thought I stepped on something but when I went to pull it out, I ripped my skin even more. Still clueless as to what was going on, I continued into warrior and noticed a trail of blood on my leg and ran hopped to get a tissue! My instructor ran over to see what was wrong and she couldn’t explain it; it was a mystery. She helped bandage me up and I was good to go. We cleaned up the mess and canceled class. You know how excited I was for my pi/yo class on Tuesday. I still did join the next class but was careful not to use my toe! It hurts a lot more today then it did last night 😦

Has anyone else ever gotten a random injury from something this silly?

In other news, VEGAN NO-BAKES.

I got this idea from Katie’s Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls post the other day and I thought I’d give it a try because it looked so simple and yummy. Makes one, serves two.

  • 2T chunky peanut butter
  • 2T uncooked oats
  • 2 squares of endangered species dark chocolate

Stupid poor quality phone pictures…

However. I added dark chocolate and made mine flat into a cookie and stuck it in the fridge. There you have it, peanut buttery bitter no-bakes!

!!!!Katie is having a give-away !!!!

More tomorrow on food & crafts!


Chocolate for Breakfast

7 Sep

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend!

Hopefully you had labor day off of work unlike I did! The good news is that I don’t start classes until tomorrow because I have monday/wednesday classes 🙂

So what’s new…

My new favorite breakfast is diffidently chocolate chip pancakes. Surprisingly enough, these kept me fuller longer than oatmeal normally does! For my pancakes I used this:

Did you know that Buckwheat is actually a fruit seed and not a grain? (That’s good news for all you gluten-free’s out there!)

Why Buckwheat? Buckwheat is hearty,  high in fiber, has eight essential amino acids, is low in calories and is a great source of manganese and magnesium.

For some reason I wasn’t really diggin’ the creamy PB on my nanners. I have been spoiling myself with PB&Co.’s peanut butter for far too long the regular stuff just wasn’t happening.

I have been so lazy lately when it comes to working out. I have not gone to the gym more than twice a week in the last month. I miss being sore, sweaty and smelly I can’t take it anymore! I thought I would do a lot more nature walking but that failed due to all the bugs and bad weather. I need to get my routine back which is why I bought this:

For awhile now I have been wanting to purchase this power yoga DVD. I was kind of nervous to buy it because I just simply cannot picture myself doing “work-out” tapes at home. (however, I can totally picture myself cheating the whole way through the tape because nobody is around to judge!) I love my power yoga class but it is only offered once a week and I usually have to work. Soooo I bought it! I cannot wait to try it!


I am working on a new page for my blog, it’s like a faq. I am putting together questions I get asked all the time and answering them. A lot of the questions are general questions vegans get asked about their lifestyle so I hope I can help some people out! If you have any questions you want me to answer feel free to ask and I’ll post your question and answer it!


🙂  Chocolate Covered Katie is having a LaraBar giveaway! 🙂


20 Aug

Happy Friday Everyone!


 I hope you had a great week, mine was pretty good. I am so sore from Pi-Yo last night, that stuff is pretty intense! I had a lot of fun in the class though because there was only one other student besides me. I love those type of classes. I’m thinking for my birthday (the 31st) I am going to ask for yoga, power yoga, pi-yo, body flow and tai chi DVDs. I am beginning to find a great interest in different yoga classes. Do you yoga? What’s your favorite type of class?

I am sad to announce that I have failed the $21 Challenge. I had three days to eat under $3 after today, it’s not going to happen. On the other hand, I am glad to announce that the new $21 challenge will start this Sunday.  I will still try to attempt to not spend over $21 a week on groceries. Yes, this means everything in my pantry is fair game! Other than last night, I honestly have not spent any money on food besides going out Monday. This week I am planning on making a lot of soups and other home-cooked meals in large quantities. I think why I failed this week was because I did not plan out my meals like I should have. I think if I plan out 4 big dishes to make next week it will be a lot easier. Also, the key to a healthy vegan diet is to plan meals a week ahead of time! Some ideas I have:

  • Corn chowder
  • Veggie soup
  • Miso (on a budget)
  • “Tuna” or “egg” salad sandwiches
  • Hummus (maybe not, I’m a little burned out on this one…)
  • Sushi (already have most of the stuff)
  • Oatmeal
  • Anything with PB

I really need to spice up my diet. I feel like the last couple weeks I have been eating the same veggies over and over. Boring! This would be a good time of year to start drinking my daily greens again. I feel so wonderful when I drink green juice, I just can’t have it for one meal by itself because then I feel sick. Green juice is bursting with all kinds of vitamins your body needs and most likely, doesn’t get enough of. I wonder if green juice could go on a $21 budget…

My favorite green juice:

  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/3 cup parsley
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 2 ribs celery
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 apples
  • tiny chuck of ginger, about the size of a penny

I use a juicer because I do not have a strong enough blender to make green smoothies. Why do nice blenders all have to be over $400? It’s a blender. I really need to invest in one though. Any suggestions???

Anyway, that’s my plan. You’ll have to excuse my random posts I tend to have from time to time. 🙂

I’m off to make some sort of soup, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what’s cookin’ tonight!

Things have got to change.

22 Jul

I’m diffidently not feeling too much like a super hero these days.

I feel greasy.

I feel bloated.

I feel tired.

My morning starts out pretty good with a big healthy bowl of oatmeal, nuts, flax and fruit. Sometime after that I do this thing where I eat a bunch of crap cookies, processed vegan meals, half of a whole freaking pizza at 8:30pm, chips, sugary dips, you name it. I have been working out a little harder but all this food damage will not do any good to my body. I have been doing well with no drinking coffee. I can’t even remember the last time I drank coffee. Oh wait, yes I can… coming home from Florida so it’s been almost a month! Baby steps. The sugar thing has got to go though. All this baking for my open house is not good for me. I think after I eat all my bad food I bought, I am going to go on a sugar-free challenge. It might only be for a week or so, but hey, it’s better than nothing. What I need to do is stop buying unhealthy crap. If you don’t buy them, you can’t eat them! Don’t worry, I will still post my blueberry bars and smoothie pops but I don’t have photo’s of them yet.

 Tonight I will attend power yoga to build strength and really listen to my body. I’m not a big yoga fan (although I would like to be) but when I do it, it really helps me realize which muscles I need to work on. The reason I don’t do a lot of yoga is because I get serious toe and foot cramps and it really bothers me! Does anybody else have this problem?

I also really need to start focusing on what my body needs like more protein. All this extra exercising without changing my diet might be harmful. I should diffidently be eating more nuts and beans. A little protein powder wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

I’ve been feeling pretty weak lately even though my muscles are getting a tad bigger. I wonder why that is.

Anywho, my point is that things will be changing around here for the better! More protein, less sugar. That’s my new motto.

Well I guess I better go make a hemp protein shake before my workout!

Until next time!


20 Jul

Woowee what a busy day!

Today, Scott and I did a lot of running around looking for a tent and other camping supplies for our camping trip coming up on the 2nd. We got a really good deal on a 7 person tent. It was originally $160, on sale for $139 PLUS 20% off. Score 🙂

We went out for lunch at one of my favorite places, Taboon. We were both defiantly in need of some of their falafel.

And how could you forget the fattosh?

Yum. This was perfect. Well, other than waiting about an hour to get our food. That was pretty ridiculous considering we were the first people and everyone got their food before us. But that’s okay, we enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

I should really be at the gym right now because I am trying to go everyday this week. Today is my only day off until next Tuesday so I really have no excuse not to go tonight and work on my core. Does anybody know any good core workouts? I usually just do cardio and strength training so I’m pretty new at this.  I’m also thinking about buying a yoga DVD but there are so many to close from! Sometimes I do yoga at my gym but, I kinda suck at that too. You know it’s bad when the 60+ women can hold a pose longer than you can. I think I just talked myself into going to the gym.

Stay tuned for my recipe on Vegan Blueberry Bars & Summer Smoothie Pops!