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Market Recap Monday (vote for hummus!)

26 Sep

Hi guys! This week’s MRM is extra special…

I am giving you all the chance to vote for a flavored hummus below and I will post the recipe sometime this week!


As the market season is coming to an end, I will have a lot more time for recipe postage so be prepared! We are excited to share a few recipes (without giving a few secret ingredients away of course) with the public.

Comment below telling me which hummus recipe you would like to see me post!


Market Recap Monday week 13

22 Aug

Hey guys!

I loved hearing what everyone adds to their tofu scramble in my last post, so interesting! I am dying to make some scramb again so I can add a lot more ingredients!

Sunday’s market went well. We kept it pretty simple due to expenses, bills, ect. We wanted to try new hummus recipes but we had a very busy week (think funerals, company from out-of-town, and other jobs). I cannot wait to share new hummus ideas!


Date TRUFFLES are back! These are made from dates, peanuts, and almonds. One vendor said they taste like the Mary Jane candies.


New raspberry jalapeno jelly…


New nut butter sign!


Veggie grape leaves again, my favorite. Maybe because I get to eat all of the “ugly” ones? 😉

Then, it started raining! Dark clouds rolled in and showed no mercy. It poured for about 15 minutes, then it was done.

Have you ever made your own homemade stuffed grape leaves?

Farmers Market recap 6

27 Jun

Hi friends!

Wow, what a crazy week! After nearly 6 days of being extremely sick, I think I’m starting to feel better! It was so weird, I felt like everyday was a new illness because it was all so random! First the flu, then a cold, then what felt like strep throat or tonsilitis, then back to the flu… it was insane. Not mention my loss of appetite, that’s always a strange one for me. I ❤ food.


Raw nut butters for sale! Only sold 2 mini. 😦



Look at all of the cans!

No, you’re a jerk. This is Scott’s jerk marinade. Oh my goodness, IT’S HOT! I actually tried it though and it was good.

Banjo band playing behind our stand. Nice music but having to scream the ingredients to our customers was not joyful.


The Jar Head Salsa guys are our good friends. Scott helps them with marketing and I eat the salsa.

This booth belongs to another good friend of ours. She is super talented and friendly!

I didn’t realize this at the time I took this picture but I totally know this family!

Our first attempt at making mustard. It was a hit! Although this is what broke my Vitamix (more on that later).

I love how I never have to buy soap again, I simply trade for it.

Lots of plants!

beautiful day at the market 🙂

Taking Risks

I don’t like being a negative nancy on my blog (or in real life) but things just aren’t going “great”. I’m definitely not saying things are going bad, but honestly, Scott and I are starting to worry. I guess I really wouldn’t say “worry” but more “over thinking” if you will. We spend all of our money on food to prepare for the market, it’s actually extremely risky business because we never know what to expect! But people love us. & I know in my heart that God is always good. People like what we’re doing, they love seeing our new recipes we come up with and they love getting the chance to try new food. But we’re not really making money at the Market. What do we tell customers, “hey, buy our stuff so we can pay rent and not be homeless”. That will really make them want to come back. There is no doubt in our minds that we will continue to grow each week but, can we really keep up with buying new blenders and fancy jars to make the products the customer’s want to see? We really don’t know what to do! Except pray. Pray that we will get a few catering jobs just to help us grow a little more. Give thanks that we are extremely blessed to be living in such a great country in which we are able to do things like this. Be thankful for how much we have grown. And always stay hopeful because God is always good.

& With that said, we may have a new business opportunity coming up. Fingers crossed that they call back today.

Questions of the Day: Tell me about a time that you took a risk.

DOs & DON’Ts of the Market

13 Jun

What I’ve learned in my month of being a FM vendor

Do take customer advice and make gluten-free desserts.

Don’t over do it, some people are afraid of flour-less baking.

Don’t ever make mini muffins again, they are a pain to make and most people walk up and eat them because they think they are samples.

Do pre-wrap all desserts so they KNOW they aren’t just samples.

Do let people try tofu mousse samples before you tell them it’s made with tofu.

Don’t let the kids try it, they usually prefer milk chocolate.

Do make more granola.

Don’t forget to make one to sample.

Do make ingredient cards!

Do make the perfect amount of brownies, 7 was just enough.

Don’t make signs that say, “made with Spirulina” it’s gets annoying to explain it after the 100th time.

Don’t get offended when people think the prices are too high, you know the time and money spent on the food.

Do tell them that speciality foods cost a little more, but are totally worth it.

Don’t be afraid to make “too much”  hummus, running out of food is no fun.

Do put out as many samples as you can because once they try it, they are HOOKED!

Oh, and

Do eat the leftovers for lunch.

Have a great week! ❤

Farmers’ Market RECAP week 3

6 Jun

Hey guys!

We had another AWESOME week at the FM.

I have lots of photo’s to share…

Date ball sign! Which flavor sounds best to you? Last week I sold A LOT of these and this week it was just ok. I might not make more this week, I don’t know yet. I feel like people don’t really appreciate them. I sell them for $1.50 each (for a 1.8 ounce ball… that’s more than a Larabar!) which is actually cheap in my opinion considering the cost of dates and nuts.

First time doing muffins so I only made 6, and sold out quick! (ok, so I ate 3…). Next week I think I’m going to do gluten-free muffins and some mini muffins!

Close up of date balls being melted in the heat. Some people had a problem with me labeling these sugar-free because there is a touch of agave in the ingredients. I told them it’s like eating an apple or a date. If you consider that sugar, I don’t. One man said, “if it’s sweet, it has sugar in it…” Which I completely disagree.

Sample dish! Which one would you try first: regular hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, regular olive tapenade, peppanade (more peppers, less olives) or Loubie Bezit (a middle eastern dish with tomatoes, whole cloves of garlic, and italian green beans).

Lots of shoppers!

Awesome vendor who traded 4 plants for hummus (see below)

Dogs EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t pet ALL OF THEM. I think it is really cool that our FM allows dogs!

Scott holding down the table…

Yummy iced green tea


& more

The plants I mentioned above.

Traded for this baby too! Nice snack.

Yours truly looking extra cheesy…

GRANOLA! Do you like our stickers?!?!?!

This week we were invited to so many different FMs, local events, and other benefits to vendor at. Needless to say, Scott and I are pretty excited.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures! I hope you enjoyed them. 🙂

What are your thoughts on agave? Do you think it is a sugar or would you label it sugar-free?

The only reason I label it sugar-free is because I have seen ingredients that have listed agave but the food was labeled sugar-free.

Big Plans

29 Apr

A post that is NOT about the Royal Wedding:

Hi everyone!

Oh my, I have started so many posts for today but I think I’m just going to start fresh. I’ve been pretty stressed this week with exams and other things. One thing for sure is that my body was craving exercise!

The Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday- Zumba
  • Tuesday- Abs and cardio
  • Wednesday- Cardio and Zumba
  • Thurday- Two new classes! Strength training and a step class! After this I did more cardio.
  • Friday- Cardio and lots of stretching! So sore.

I usually don’t go to the gym everyday but it really felt good. I’m done with my classes until next Wednesday so I actually have a little  bit of spare time. I feel like I’m getting back in my groove again and I’m loving it!

So I was going to wait until it was official but I just can’t wait any longer to share this news!

Starting May 15th, the boyfriend and I are going to have our own stand at our local Farmer’s Market! We haven’t turned in our app yet (still need to think of a name for the business…) but the manager loves our ideas! We will be selling vegan baked goods such as desserts, granola, and date bars (made by your truly) and then we will have other items such as different flavored hummus, spice mixes, salts (the bf is obsessed with salts), homemade nut butters, and other semi healthy vegan foods. I’m really looking forward to starting this business but it is quite stressful! Not to mention costly. This is a huge step for us and we are so thankful for this opportunity. I have hope that good things are going to come our way.

I also want to plan on having monthly giveaways of the products we make for my bloggins. I think that will be fun! Mainly because if it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be who I am today for so many reasons.

Big thanks!

What are your plans for the weekend?

On Sunday I am hoping to go to a huge Farmer’s Market in Detroit, MI. Basically to find a good deal on dates.

A Day in the Life

20 Apr

Hello friends 🙂

I haven’t been posting a lot of meals lately. I’m a busy woman! But, I will let you in on today’s food I brought to work! Today I work from 7-3, so I like to bring a large snack like (a whole tub of) fruit or soy yogurt and granola which I usually eat around 10AM, because my break usually isn’t until about noon. On days like this, I’m not usually extremely hungry at 6:30AM so I’ll have toast with PB or a date bar before I leave. Sometimes, I even bring in overnight oats. So, yes, by 10AM I’m starving.


Green tub- Roasted veggies and potatoes with a falafel.
White tub- FRUIT MESS. Plum, pear, kiwi.
Middle tub- Homemade hummus.
Plastic bag- Chocolate chocolate chip cookie (the ones I tweeted about that I added too much liquid too, turned out tasting like brownies! WIN).
& Water. I get free water bottles at work but I feel bad for using bottled water sometimes :/

Somedays, I pack a lunch and dinner if I’m doing a work & school combo.

Oh, and yesterday my Zumba instructor was sick SO guess who got to teach for the first time? MEEE! It was so much fun! I loved it. I wasn’t even that nervous! Everyone was so sad that Zumba was cancelled then, when I asked if they wanted me to teach, they all started screaming and jumping around! It was so cute! I love them. I  messed up a few times but I have a feeling that nobody noticed!

Do you pack meals? If so, What do you pack?