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Last minute vegan friendly drink idea

31 Dec


1 packet of Starbucks instant iced coffee prepared with water and ice
1 Shot Kahlua
1 Shot vanilla vodka
Splash of almond milk

Mix together and enjoy 😉

Have a safe and happy new year everyone!


Why I woke up this morning.

1 Nov

Try this:

Pour the vanilla drink in a sauce pan over medium heat for a few minutes until warm. Add coffee and gently stir for another minute.

You just saved yourself $5 at Starbucks. 😉

This is honestly the reason why I got out of bed this morning.

Not to mention the tea drink is packed with protein (18 amino acids!) and vitamins. That means it’s “healthy” right? No… not even close… it’s actually loaded with sugar.

Try it, I dare you!

Did everyone have a happy halloween???

Fancy Frapp

26 Jun

 C O F F E E     C O F F E E     C O F F E E


You know you love it!

But how do you love it?

Hot or Cold?

I like mine cold. Perferrably over ice or blended into a fancy Starbucks-like drink. 😉

But I don’t need Starbuck’s 5 dollar drink to get my iced coffee fix anymore, I can just make a fancy frapp right here in my own home!

Fancy Frapp for two:

  • 3/4 cup double strenght coffee, cooled.
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk
  • 2 T chocolate syrup
  • 2 cups ice cubes
  1. Place all ingredients into the Vitamix (or other high powered blender).
  2. If using a Vitamix, select variable 1.
  3. Turn machine on and quickly increase speed to varible 10, then to high.
  4. Blend for 45 seconds.

Don’t mind if I do…

♥                              ♥

4-Minute Broccoli “Cheeze” Soup

24 Jun

The yummy soup in my last post was adapated from the following video!

However, I did not include potato flakes in mine. I knew I was forgetting something at the store!

This also reminds me how much I want to do a vlog! Wouldn’t that be fun?


You know you want to dance to that theme song.

More recipes coming! Being out of school and all, I can post like… everyday! We’re gunna have so much fun.

Coming up:

  • Coffee drinks in my Vita!
  • Larabar review (no seriously, I’m gunna finish it this time!)


Anything you would like to see me make in my Vitamix?

WIAW week 18

24 May

Heyhey it’s WIAW!!!


Nice new button Jenny 🙂

This is going to be like really random food porn from today and yesterday, I’m lazy.

So here is goes…



I’m not a huge fan of the green one. I like the fruity ones more I guess. So far my favorite is citrus!

More Whole Foods yummahs: a monster slice of vegan chocolate cake with PB frosting, sunshine burgers (on sale), tofu from the hot bar, chocolate, coconut yogurt, coconut creamers, and a few other goof things that I cannot remember!



DANGGGG! Yes, I ate all of it incase you were wondering.

After this I decided on an iced mocha from a coffee place I’ve always wanted to try:


Caribou! Scott says there is one caribou in every cup. 😦 He’s a jerkhead sometimes! 🙂 So I think Caribou beats Starbucks by 100 points! This drink was soooo good! I only ordered a small but it was like a medium. Pretty expensive though, not impressed.

Today I ate cereal (I’ve been out of oats for like 2 weeks!), sunflower seeds, a huge salad, mac and NOT cheese, my cake… and that’s all for right now!

What did you eat today?

This is my brain on caffine.

15 Feb

Hello friends!

I hope everybody had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

First off, I want to let you all know that I am going to be okay! My test results came in and I’ve had a terrible yeast infection for the last 6 months that turned really bad. Obviously you should go get that stuff check out ASAP, unlike me. (I didn’t have health insurance for a few months 😦 ) But this is like the BEST I could have hoped for because they worried me so much with all the other things they thought my infection was. I am so relived! Actually, I’m kind of mad that they didn’t test me for this first because I told them I thought I had a yeast infection….silly doctor’s.



Look what my Valentine made me! 🙂

Angel hair pasta & homemade sauce with black olives, mushrooms, artichokes, onions, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember.
I love him. Not just because he cooks the best meals in the world, but he is so sweet and good to me every single day, I’m so spoiled!

 College Rant Start.

By the way, my new psychology class is going very well! I really enjoy learning how the mind works. Although, I feel my hardcore Christian side come out sometimes and want to blurt out, “THAT’S JUST THE WAY GOD MADE US! GET OVER IT!!!!” For example, finding out whether or not your unborn child is mentally challenged. Give me a break! Every child is a gift from God, and matter of fact, mentally challenged children are such a greater gift on a whole nother level. Yes, they may be quite costly. But you know what? How often does a mentally challenged child beg for the latest designer jeans, and the hottest new car? Not often.

Also, I feel my animal advocate side boiling up too because we talk a lot about animal testing which pisses me off! My teacher talked to us today about why rats are good to experiment on. I guess it’s because if you inject them with cancer, they react quicker than a cow would… isn’t that lovely? And then he goes on to talk about how a rat is NOTHING like a human so we don’t ever know if the testing is accurate or not. That makes sense, right?…

Do you ever feel like blurting out random feelings at unnecessary times?

College Rant Over.

Do you like how I just tried starting that off positive and then it turned evil! Haha. Sorry, I drank coffee for like the first time  w e e k s  today and I can’t stop typing! I was sooo freakin’ tired before class, I needed it. Well, I thought I did. Then it kind of made me sick.

I wanted to do another post about sugar, but I’m not in the mood. … maybe tomorrow!

Be prepared.