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What I did Thursday

7 Jul

Hey hey, it’s What I ate Wednesday!

Hey hey, it’s What I did Thursday! ūüėõ

Thursdays are always fun, maybe that will be the next blog sensation?

Anyway, what an eventful Thursday! I am pooped. So much running around today I love my days off!

I really wanted to go to Whole Food’s today but then I remember that I am broke as a joke.

So, I cashed a few checks, gathered up some change, and said, “hey, I can pay those bills next week!” (you probably think I am joking but I am so serious.)

Might not be much change but it turned into $23!

Whole Food’s/Trader Joe’s:

Two favorite flavors right thurr.

Yummy finds from the salad bar!

Money saving tip: When at the Whole Food’s Salad Bar, be sure to load up on the good stuff. For example, I never get lettuce! I usually take my salads to-go so I can add whatever greens I have at home instead of paying $7.99/lbs for lettuce. Same goes with tomatoes! They add a lot of weight.

Veggie sushi!

Raw pumpkin seeds!

After our Whole Food’s/Trader Joe’s adventure we were STARVING.

We spotted a sushi place we have not noticed before and decided to stop in and check it out. Scott and I are HUGE fans of sushi, we eat it just about every week! We love trying out new places for a good roll or two. (or three?)

We started off with some miso soup:


Which happened to be cooked PERFECT! Crunchy green onions on top were awesome!

Next I ordered the veggie lunch combo which included the sweet potato roll and the asparagus roll:


Sweet potato rolls are always a win for me ūüėČ

I also ordered a another roll because I was HUNGRY! This roll was called Veggie Heaven: Mushroom and avocado in a (vegan) tempura roll with ginger sauce. Topped with sweet soy and spicy mayo.


This is totally vegan! This fancy roll originally came with a spicy mayo, which I forgot to ask to not have, but since he knew I was vegan he gave me this yummy carrot and onion sweet sauce that was so creamy! Best roll ever. The mushroom and avocado literally melt in your mouth, delicious!

I ate 19 pieces of sushi.

(3 rolls)

I honestly think this was the most impressive sushi restaurant I have been too. Not to mention how incredibly friendly and helpful the staff were! That seems to be hard to find these days. We will diffidently be going to Sumo Sushi & Seafood next time we are in the area.

After this lovely afternoon of foodie goodness I met up with my bestie for a long nature walk:

Then sat at the Starbucks sipping on some green tea with lemon aid for quite some time.

Heather had the lovely idea of making some banana soft serve at my house. I’ve actually never made this before! I couldn’t wait to try it out in¬†the Vitamix:

We looked up a few recipes but then decided that it would be best to make our own.

& What flavor would we choose?

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, duhh!

  • 2 1/2 frozen bananas, chopped
  • 1 glob PB
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips

Blend the nanerz until creamy. Add the PB and choco chips than blend for another minute.


After this, she helped my bake some cookies for the market on Sunday. We made Espresso Chip Oatmeal Cookies, yum! I wonder how they will sell.

Have you ever had banana soft serve? If so, what do you add to yours?


Spring Cleaning & a RAW Review

15 May

Goals for this week:

  • Work on the core
  • Eat “cleaner” foods
  • Start my new Spring Cleaning program*

*I have noticed that heavy breads and meals that focus too much on processed carbs (which I shouldn’t be eating anyway) leave me feeling sluggish and weak. I want to try eliminating¬†all foods that upset my body like wheat, sugar, caffeine,¬†and processed anything(not like I haven’t said this before!)¬†I guess I would consider this as somewhat as a detox, but not nearly as extreme. I’ve been talking about eating better for a while now but this time I have a plan.

So stay tuned for new healthy recipes!


A few weeks ago I was sent a sample of ‘RAW protein powder’ from Garden of Life. I see this stuff everywhere but I was afraid to buy it because not only is it pretty expensive, I didn’t want to be stuck with a big tub of this protein powder if it didn’t even taste good.

The taste was pretty good compared to most protein powders. I really like the taste of¬†raw protein powders. Very earthy without the chalky taste! Can’t beat that!

Not only did this stuff taste great, they sent me a $5 off coupon too! Thanks Garden of Life!

Last night, Scott and I went out for SUSHI!

I ordered my favorite roll…. SWEET POTATO!


Sides: fried fermented tofu and veggie tempura


Maybe I over-did the fried part? Whoops!


¬†Hi baby tomtom! How did that get in there?¬†¬†Isn’t he cute? Hogging all the toys and what not.

How was your weekend?

Miso Lucky

7 Mar

Hi friends!

I’m slowly recovering from a sick-filled weekend which, as you can imagine was NOT very fun! However, if there was a fun part about being sick it would be eating all of the yummy healthy “sick food”:



Like Miso soup! Onions, nori, carrots, miso, veggie stock,¬†and tofu.¬†My boyfriend made this for the first time ever and it was perfect. Whenever I make Miso soup it doesn’t turn out this good! He is brilliant, Miso lucky to have a boyfriend so sweet. ūüėõ


And he made me homemade sushi…


That’s always a win. My roll had green onion, cucumber, avocado, and carrots stuffed inside.


On Sunday he made me peanut noodles with mock chicken, can’t wait to eat these left-overs!

I felt sick on Thursday so I left work early and took Friday off. Saturday I had no time to be sick though! I went to work from 6AM – 2PM and then celebrated my friend’s birthday later on. We went to Dave and Buster’s (my first time) and it actually very fun. It’s like an arcade¬†for adults!


For dinner, I ordered a Garden Burger which apparently is vegan according to the waiter and some other girl. I am aware that Garden Burger does make a vegan patty so I really hope they didn’t lie to me and just give me the “original” patty.

Sometimes I have a hard time trusting people when it comes to my food. Is it just me though or do you feel that way? I’ve done a few previous posts on eating out while following a vegan diet but I’m still not 100% comfortable with it. You can’t blame me though I’ve had some pretty crazy experiences!

 How do you feel about eating out?

This morning¬†I did some Zumba¬†and now I am just going to relax and do some homework until I am 100% better! I kinda feel like baking too. Cookies anyone? ūüėÄ

Enjoy your Monday!


23 Aug

Last night we finally made sushi! I was so happy it turned out and it actually taste better than store-bought sushi.

Some people get really confused when I tell them I eat sushi because the first¬†thing that comes to mind is raw fish. Sushi does not¬†mean raw fish. The word sushi means “vinegared¬†rice”. Some people even try to argue¬†(for whatever reason) that sushi cannot be vegan because only “real” sushi has fish in it. That is incorrect.

Anyway, making sushi is a long and precise task and you have to be careful to follow ALL instructions or it will not turn out. Honestly, the only thing to worry about it the rice, everything else is simple.

For my roll I used cucumber, carrots and avocado. These are the typical veggies in a vegan roll. Why mess with a good thing?

Then we got out the nori, covered it with sushi rice and rolled it all together!

Sushi taste so much better when it is nice and warm and hasn’t been refrigerated! I would recommend everyone to try making sushi at least once, it’s so fun! You can get a mat and a paddle and whole foods for like $4. Then you need sushi rice and¬†sushi rice¬†vinegar. Once you invest a few dollars in those things you can make sushi plenty of times! Oh, and don’t forget the Nori… that’s pretty important too.

This week’s new and improved $21 challenge:

This week I have my food planned out pretty well. I made a HUGE batch of “Egg” Salad already¬†( I’ll share recipe tomorrow or later tonight) and I plan on making Miso soup because I have all the stuff to make it. I also plan on making toasted nori burritos’¬†with my left over sushi veggies. Yesterday I bought some brown rice and lentils in bulk so I’ll¬†make something with those too. At the beginning of each week I like to make a few big meals to keep on hand like big salads, pasta, already cooked rice…ect.

For breakfast I think I’m¬†going to¬†keep eating oatmeal (today’s oats were mixed with PB&co cinnamon raisin swirl!)

Lunch: “Egg” Salad sandwiches with plums and pears

Dinner: Nori buritto’s, stir fry,¬†or whatever is available at work…

I think I might go to the Flint Farmer’s Market tomorrow to get some cheap produce to make green juice. Tomorrow I have a dentist¬†appt.¬†&¬†an eye doctor appt. Fun stuff. All before I go to work at 2pm. It’s going to be a busy day! Later on I’ll post my “Egg” Salad recipe!

New Foods & Oatmeal Talk

11 Aug

Trader Joe’s & Whole Food’s

Diffidently worth the trip. I purchased lots of new fun foods from both stores on this trip like:

TINGSSS! I¬†fell in love with these at Vegfest. They taste just like Cheetos’ without the nasty¬†powdered cheese on top. And they are a lot healthier!

These are so fun! They taste like cheese puffs and have little flakes of dried seaweed in them.

How cute!

These are really good too. Most banana chips I’ve brought¬†are thin and oily. These are thick and not too crunchy. They made a perfect post workout snack:

Carmel corn rice cake buttered with peanut butter and topped with almonds and banana chips

I bought a¬†lot more food¬†but I’ll have to show you later when I cook with them. One thing I did not photograph is all the¬†sushi supplies¬†Scott and I bought to make our own sushi! I can’t wait!

After shopping, we went to my favorite restaurant; Mind, Body & Spirits. I love growing¬†here because all the food is not only outstanding but it’s all locally grown. When I say local, I mean they have a freakin’ greenhouse out back where they grow the foods to make your meal! The food is a little pricey but I am never regret eating here. I got a flat bread pizza with a tofu and avocado spread for “cheese” topped with black beans, plantains, greens¬†and a sweet mango chutney.

I think this was my favorite meal at MBS so far.

So onto breakfast.  For breakfast this morning I had some tasty peach-blueberry oatmeal.

Oatmeal is my favorite. It’s so quick to make and so satisfying for breakfast.

So oatmeal is pretty healthy. But what about instant oatmeal, is that still healthy too?

Believe it or not, natural instant oatmeal provides just as much nutrition as the old-fashion slow cooked type. Instant oatmeal is still a whole grain therefore, a complex carb (aka good carbs). Oatmeal is a great source of fiber and helps keep blood sugar levels stable (and not to mention so fun dress up!) The only difference in the two is the glycemic index (GI). The Glycemic index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. A high level of GI, such as instant oatmeal, digests a lot faster compared to old-fashion oats which would keep your tummy full longer! Instant oatmeal is processed to cook a lot quicker and because of that the oatmeal is broken down and digested faster by your body. Pretty impressive, right?

Well, that’s enough for today, time for work! Stay tuned to learn how to make sushi!