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WIAW turns 30

16 Aug

Woah dang. WIAW is getting old (not)!

 Lately I have been experimenting with lots of yumyums. Unfortunately I do not have tim e to share them all! So, lets just review the most important meals of the day: 


Coconut yogurt mess with PB, a peach, nanners, and GF crispy cereal.


Banana soft serve with coconut, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and chocolate chips.

Some family from NJ are coming to visit for a few days so things will be pretty busy over here in the Vegansunshine household. I sure this means that I will have lots of fun stories to tell in a few days!

& btw, I love all of the responses to my pregnancy post! 😉 You all are so sweet and I am glad you agree with me! Thanks for the support, as always!

What did  y o u  eat today?


WIAW week 27

27 Jul


Coconut yogurt (for .29 cents!) topped with homemade granola, and a pear on the side. Later on I ate some oats and a muffin I baked for the market! Yum.

Blueberry Bran Muffin:

Recipe soon!


Homemade mac & chreese! Yum. I made this out of gluten-free brown rice mac noodles and Tal Ronnen’s cashew cream (1 cup soaked cashews overnight, then blended in the Vitamix with water) mixed with a tomato, basil, nooch, S&P, turmeric, and Diaya. I baked in the over at 350 for about 10 minutes until gooey and creamy. I was very impressed with myself! Super creamy and still pretty healthy! It taste so naughty. 😉


Fattoush salad and other random items such as a banana bread LARABAR, hummus, & tempeh.

 What did you eat today?

Blogging for Breakfast

28 May
One of my favorite things that I have learned from the blogging community is how to make a killer BREAKFAST.

Is that weird?

Think about it…

OIAJ, Chia pudding, lazy pancakes, SIAB, Boat meal, Over night oats, ect.

I love us

I’m almost embarrassed to say that today was the first time I have ever made a breakfast Pizzert!

I see Kathleen make these all the time! However, the last one she posted diffidently caught my eye and I knew what was for breakfast the next morning.

I used her recipe for the pizzerts but I added a scoop of hemp chocolate protein powder and topped mine with coconut yogurt, banana chips, strawberries, toasted coconut, and cacao nibs.

I still can’t get over how amazing this was.I used to believe that I couldn’t eat things like this for breakfast cause it would make me sick. Then, I realized that it’s just white flour and sugar that makes me feel that way. Also, I really like this recipe because it’s made with oat flour instead of white or wheat flour. Score!

What is your favorite breakfast?

Carrot Cake Batter Overnight Oats

10 Apr

Good  m o r n i n g  bloggin’s!

I have some bad news: You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to eat these overnight oats!

I know, I know, you wish I would have posted this last night so you could have it for today, so sorry! 😉

Good news: This makes a super quick breakfast for a Monday morning!

While I was making carrot cake the other day I had quite a bit of leftover supplies. You know, carrots, coconut, pineapple and pecans.

Although I sort of burnt the carrot cake (hey! it’s still yummy on the inside…) these oats made up for it big time.

I don’t really have exact measurements for the ingredients but I’m pretty sure throwing all these stuff together until it looks like this is a good idea.

Instant oats, coconut milk, carrots, coconut, pineapple, chopped pecans and cinnamon.

After the fact I thought about adding maple syrup. That would be good!

Have a lovely Sunday!

WIAW week #11

6 Apr

T h e   t o f u   a d d i t i o n


Tofu scramble with carrot apple juice


Sesame tofu from Whole Foods! Perfect with some steamed veggies.


Coconut yogurt with granola and frozen strawberries.


Boca chick’n patty with mashed potatoes covered in mushroom gravy. Dessert was a peanut butter and dark chocolate cup I made earlier in the week, yum!


& now giveaway time!

Coconut coupon giveaway winner is….


Rachel from Tea and Chocolate!

Congrats Rachel! E-mail me at whitney10@comcast.net to claim your prize!

Have a wonderful day everyone!