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Goodbye Farmer’s Market!

24 Oct

Wow, what a crazy past 6 months it has been.


Because I have been so busy, I haven’t really updated you guys on how the business has been going. Everything has been wonderful and Scott and I are really happy with the turn out we had vendoring at the farmer’s market this season. I don’t really care to keep posting about it on the blog just because I only have a handful of local readers and it’s just not a topic I want to keep bringing up, I guess. Perhaps there will be a blog about our business in the near future? Who knows. But as always, I would love to answer any questions or comments you may have via E-mail or comment.

Huge THANK YOU to every reader out there whether you are a local market customer, friend, healthy living blogger, or just a random reader- You all have helped us so much.

Until next season  f a r m e r ‘ s   m a r k e t


Market Recap Monday (vote for hummus!)

26 Sep

Hi guys! This week’s MRM is extra special…

I am giving you all the chance to vote for a flavored hummus below and I will post the recipe sometime this week!


As the market season is coming to an end, I will have a lot more time for recipe postage so be prepared! We are excited to share a few recipes (without giving a few secret ingredients away of course) with the public.

Comment below telling me which hummus recipe you would like to see me post!

Market Recap Monday week 15

5 Sep

Hi im Whitney and I like food. Currently, I am just eating for one. Not two, not three. One. So please, stop asking me. It really makes things awkward and uncomfortable for the both of us.

Im not sure why I keep getting asked if I am pregnant when I am at a perfectly healthy weight.

That’s enough of that.

Needless to say, the market went great. It did rain, and it was very chilly! But we are champs.

We created new hummus recipes which include roasted beet and horseradish, yum. Although everyone loved the beet hummus, we didn’t sell a single one. The horseradish hummus definitely made up for the loss.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now I am spending my labor day indoors (freezing out!) And getting ready for the fall semester starting tomorrow.

Classes I am taking:
Algebra 2
General Biology
Developmental Psychology (so excited!)
Using the Internet

Not too much stress this semester aside from algebra 2. I am actually really excited to start new, fresh classes and start packing an awesome lunch everyday. One of my goals for this semester is getting back to the gym in the early morning. I want exercise back into my daily routine more than anything.

Weekdays are going to look like:

6:45AM wake up

7:00AM gym

8:00AM come home, shower get ready for school

9:00AM class

2:00PM come home, eat

3:00PM work

9:30PM come home

10:30PM sleepy

That schedule is missing a lot of activities such as homework, breakfast, and blogging but I think I can make it work.

If you workout in the morning, do you eat breakfast before or after the workout?


MRM week 14ish

29 Aug

Hey guys!

It’s Monday again. That one day a week I talk more about my personal life and how things are going at our Farmer’s Market stand. I actually took more pictures this week because I remembered my camera! 😉

From the pictures, you would think the market went well when in reality, it did not. Other vendors have been starting drama with us and have been trying to get us kick out of the market.  I don’t really feel that it is necessary to explain on the blog, so I will just leave it at that. All I can say is that people suck. They lie, they cheat, they do everything they can to bring another downand for what? Anyway, I really hope they feel better about themselves. It’s too bad not everyone can get along or even hear two sides of one story, it really breaks my heart. All day long I have been feeling down and depressed in humanity. I don’t want to go out in public, I don’t want to be social, I don’t feel like baking or tie-dying more shirts for the market. I’m just not feeling it.

One thing that always cheers me up is all of my lovely readers! I know you guys are always there so support and you are all great people. Just reading your posts everyday puts me in a better mood. I think just to know that good people are out there really cheers me up.

On a lighter note:

My birthday is on WEDNESDAY! I will be turning the big 2-0. Yup, pretty excited.

Should I make a cheesecake or a regular cake for my birthday? Or both? 😉

Market Recap Monday week 13

22 Aug

Hey guys!

I loved hearing what everyone adds to their tofu scramble in my last post, so interesting! I am dying to make some scramb again so I can add a lot more ingredients!

Sunday’s market went well. We kept it pretty simple due to expenses, bills, ect. We wanted to try new hummus recipes but we had a very busy week (think funerals, company from out-of-town, and other jobs). I cannot wait to share new hummus ideas!


Date TRUFFLES are back! These are made from dates, peanuts, and almonds. One vendor said they taste like the Mary Jane candies.


New raspberry jalapeno jelly…


New nut butter sign!


Veggie grape leaves again, my favorite. Maybe because I get to eat all of the “ugly” ones? 😉

Then, it started raining! Dark clouds rolled in and showed no mercy. It poured for about 15 minutes, then it was done.

Have you ever made your own homemade stuffed grape leaves?

Market Recap Monday (week 11)

8 Aug

After two weeks of being MIA from our original market, we were so happy to return!

The market stayed open an hour later to collaborate with the art fair that was going on this weekend as well. We were very excited about meeting new people from the art fair traffic. We saw lots of new faces as well as a few different news crews. Apparently one journalist has been trying to contact us for over a month now. I could tell he was very excited to write a story on our business! People really like our story. I think a lot of the locals are attracted to us because we are just average people trying to make a living doing what we love. We don’t have a lot of money but we put all of what we have along with our hearts into everything we do hoping to turn it into something big one day. It seems like each week we are getting at least 10 requests to open a restaurant. Sure this would be a dream come true, help us build up to that point! Seriously. 😉

Anyway, I wanted to show you the massive amount of produce I got FOR FREE.

A super generous vendor said his produce was “getting old” and he needed to get rid of it. So, I’m sure you can only imagine what I walked away with!

(that white veggie is apparently some sort of summer squash it looked so cute, I had to get it!)

Tons and tons or carrots, zucchini, melon, beets, onions, yellow squash, green peppers, cucumber, and other peppers.

I roasted as much as I could fit in my oven…

By the way, I thought that I didn’t like beets. But I now I love them roasted! With just a little basil and thyme.

I juiced some…

& I chopped a lot of them for a huge salad…

I also juiced about 20 cucumbers and poured them into ice-cube trays. I thought this would be a good idea for green smoothies. The juicer is just too much of a pain to wash!

What is your favorite summer veggie?

Market Recap Monday week 10

25 Jul

Well, this is sort of a strange Market Recap Monday….

 because there wasn’t a market on Sunday!

Let me explain:

All week the forecast said thunderstorms all day for Sunday. So what do we do? 1.) Spend the money and cook food anyway with the risk of possible losing over a hundred dollars? 2.) Don’t go to the market that Sunday because we cannot afford to lose any money? We choose the second option. With our camping vacation coming up, we were really counting on the market for some extra cash so it was a tough choice to make. So sure enough, when we woke on Sunday the weather looked perfect. I was furious! I can’t even begin to explain how mad I was. I really got down on myself and felt like crap for most of the day. Last week was so stressful, I don’t even want to talk about it again. All I know is that God is good, and EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Eventually the day got better.

Some of our market friends invited us out to a beach that we’ve never been too. I actually ended up having a lot of fun and finally got to relax a little bit! I swam for hours and ate a great dinner consisting of lots of grilled veggies, yum.

So yet another lame post. I do promise something exciting for tomorrow! I’m not sure what yet! 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you try anything new?