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WIAW week 20

8 Jun


Day two of my green smoothie challenge! I have not mentioned this but I will be sure to inform you later! Basically I am drinking a GS every morning for about 3 or 4 weeks, not sure yet.



Tofu salad sammich with these babies!



Messy nori burritos’!!! Deff. should have cone rolled these.


Recipe hijacked from Jessica @ Dishin’ About Nutrition!

Jessica, how did you know my favorite type of cupcake?


This cupcake was actually pretty healthy! Love it.  I’ve never made cupcakes using whole wheat flour but, not bad!

What is your FAVORITE cupcake flavor?



Sweet Talk & Chicken Stock

17 Jul

Let’s talk about sugar.

I have been doing a lot of baking lately for my open house. As you know, vegan cook books tend to not use white sugar (even unbleached sometimes) and this gets really expensive. I cannot afford to make 100 cupcakes sweetened with agave (as much as I love it) instead of plain ‘ol white unbleached sugar. Therefore, I am using white sugar. Do you agree I should use nasty white processed sugar? Honestly I try so hard to stay away from that yucky stuff but it’s not like I’m eating all the cupcakes!

I did make one batch of cupcakes from “The Kind Diet” very yummy but the frosting did not stay put. So here’s the evil white sugar cupcakes I cannot stop eating

Aren’t they cute???

WordPress really annoys me sometimes. Each time I view my page the layout looks horrid. Everything is all over place! Nothing is set up right and I’m angry. I will probably be changing that soon too! But anyway on to the next topic…

Going out to eat.

I think after my dinning experience yesterday, I believe I have had enough with non-vegan restaurants. My good friend and I stopped at a mexican restaurant yesterday after we went to the beach (yes, the water park thing didn’t happen) to grab something to eat. We usually settle for something like this because we have extremely different tastes. She likes traditional american food, not the crazy stuff I eat! 😛 But all I wanted was rice, beans, and guacamole. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

Me: Is your rice cooked in chicken stock?

Waiter: Yes…

Me: Do you have any rice not cooked in chicken stock, like white rice?

Waiter: Yes yes (mumbles I cannot understand)

Me: Ok I’ll have a side of rice. How about your guacamole? Does that have any cream in it?

Waiter: Well yes. (mumbles something with a spanish accent)

Me: Oh really? Well thank you. Can I just have a side of beans too?

The waiter goes on to tell me about how he can make something for me blahblahblah something about plain white rice without chicken stock. So, he brings me a plate with cheesy beans and the same chicken stock rice my friend ordered. This was not white rice. I explained to him that I can’t have it so I’ll just take a side of beans. He brings another waiter out to talk to me about how all mexican rice is cooked in chicken stock. That’s pretty funny because last time I was there the waiter told me the rice was not cooked in chicken stock AND the guacamole did not have cream in it. I figured since they had a vegetarian section on their menu, maybe there was a different rice they used for those dishes but no, more lies. I wouldn’t be surprised if my beans contained lard in them too. I am fed up with restaurants telling me what I want to hear so I’ll eat there. I’m done with mexican restaurants and maybe all non-vegan restaurants in general. I have the right to know what is in my food. Just tell me the truth so I can work around my options! That’s all I ask.

Biscuits & Gravy:

I tried to make biscuits from “The Kind Diet” but they didn’t turn out all fluffy like I thought they would. I used my packet of Leahey Gardens gravy mix so they weren’t so dry.