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Chicago part 2 {the FOOD}

6 Apr

First off, let me say this:

Whoever voted Chicago the vegan-friendlist city in the US needs to check them self! As an always prepared vegan, you know that I always pack food on trips. Because I figured that I wouldn’t have a problem finding food in Chicago I only packed 3 overnight oats for breakfast (Plus, I was on vacation and was not afraid to spend extra money on good food). But finding vegan food in the city was actually quite the challenge.

The 5-hour drive to Chicago was actually quite relaxing. Traffic was good, weather was good, our first meal was REALLY good.


FALAFEL SUB AT SUBWAY! We stopped at a gas station to get gas and eat because there was a Subway inside. Little did I know that little town carried the falafel sub. It was sooo good! I didn’t get the cucumber sauce because I figured it wasn’t vegan.

For two nights we were there we went to seafood buffet for dinner. I obviously didn’t eat seafood but my brother did! I had endless bowls of miso soup, noodles, fruit, and veggie sushi. I tried some weird things though!


The white ball is steamed bread! It was actually good!


I love veggie sushi!

But like I said, finding vegan food in the city was a challenge. I settled for mexican food the first day.



We must have walked over 10 miles in just the first day. Us country folk didn’t even think about taking a bus anywhere. :/

On our way home, I made one last request to stop at the famous




Holllly cow. These were the best things I’ve ever ate. Even the omi-brother loved them!




I also ordered a pesto/ranch style chick’n sammich! So good.

My favorite place yet!

Have you ever been to the Chicago Diner?