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OH Canada ;)

26 May

Do you ever feel like you just need to literally drive somewhere far away and get a feel for new scenery for a day?

I do! All the time actually.  

Most people think that there is something wrong when I try to explain this to them. So no, I am not running away from anything and maybe I just like being alone sometimes!

Lately, i’ve been working 40-50 hour weeks at the day job and although I took spring/summer off of school it is still kind of stressful.

Which is why I took a mini day trip to Canada!:





Needless to say I have been enjoying my summer so far and it’s not even June! Lots of changes have been happening and I still can’t decide weather or not I will continue to blog. I absoultley HATE wordpress’s new layout, I do not deal well with change!

Do you ever take mini trips alone?