Brown Friday

27 Nov

Helllllo Everyone!

It’s been awhile. How are you? How was your “Turkey” Day? I had to work on short noticed so mine was not the best. Well, actually missing my Thanksgiving lunch was kind of a good idea I suppose. My family’s Thanksgiving is at a hall (yeah, BIG family) and all the food is cooked buffet-style leaving my mind to wonder what is really in the food. I would not have known what the veggies were cooked in and that would leave me with one food option: salad with no dressing. We all know by now this vegan does not dig typical iceberg boring salads. I did miss my family though! At least I got to see my boyfriend’s family after work for their dinner.

So you’re probably still wondering about the title to my post. Brown Friday???

I do not celebrate Black Friday for  numerous amounts of reasons, but just to name a few:

  1. I don’t need anymore “stuff” and to be honest, most people don’t! I don’t need the latest gadgets or any of that crap; its garbage. People use this “Holiday” as an excuse to spend a lot of money they probably don’t have.
  2. Something about waking up at 2am does not appeal to me. I can’t even stay up that late anymore!
  3. I hate shopping. I really do. Unless it’s for food or new kitchen-wear or art supplies, count me out. I do a lot of shopping online just because shopping stresses me out. If I know what I want (shoes for example)  I’ll search for it online and it will take minutes.
But anyway, about Brown Friday….

I finally died to hair back to its normal color-ish:

This isn’t really my natural color yet, it has to fade a bit still. I was sick of my high-lights plus getting my hair done. Even though I get it done for free I prefer to be all natural.

Um… for the most part??? 😛

Another change I have made took place on my hands…

I know you have never seen my nails but they were super long so I cut them! Mostly to see how long it takes them to grow back. I swear they grow like weeds! As a vegan or a general healthy eater do you experience this? People have asked me numerous times if I take some sort of nail and hair growth vitamin. It’s usually the same people who think vegans don’t get enough vitamins, ha! In yo face!

Oh my gosh this post has nothing to do with food. I have been so uncreative lately because I am so busy. I have an essay and a long ass outline due on Monday and neither of them are done. I haven’t had a day off of work since last Monday and I’m not getting another one until this Monday sooo I’m screwed.

More food to come later in the week!


One Response to “Brown Friday”

  1. Nicole (Picky Nicky) November 27, 2010 at 10:35 am #

    I’m totally with you on the “hair and nails growing like weeds”. I love it, though 😀 Who wouldn’t?

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