Alert! Alert!

21 Sep

As of 5 minutes ago, Whitney has joined the coconut butter club!

So it all started on September 21st, 2010 at breakfast time…

I spread my toast with plain PB and CB. But that wasn’t enough. I warmed up some CB and I spread it alll over my muffin just so I could get the whole coconut butter experience at once. I think I used a little too much on my muffin. (To much coconut butter, are you serious?) So then I took a bite…

and it tasted like….COCONUTS. Hahah, no seriously it was amazing though. I pictured it to be more sweet and creamy but it is actually nutty and very filling! I’m not used to raw coconut, I usually like my coconut toasted. This stuff is still the shit though. I can’t wait to make a smoothie out of it! I think I smoothie will taste good because the butter is so thick. Feel free to give me more ideas!

I’m off to work now, just thought I’d update you! If it stays nice out today, I will going on my 3rd apple picking attempt.


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