College & Caffeine

9 Sep

I don’t have much to blog about these days; no new recipes, no motivation, no creativity. I do promise later on this week I will make some sweet foods & reviews to share. Honestly, yesterday I ate soy nuggets with BBQ sauce. It does not get anymore lamer than that.

Good news! I love my classes. College is so much better than high school, I could already tell this on the first day. I am currently writing a speech for my communications class on being vegan. He told us to write on one aspect of our lives or one thing interesting about us. I’ll probably end up making a blog page out of it so I can share my story to all of you guys too!

As you may know, I have not drank a coffee beverage in months. Today was a long, loooooong day and all I wanted was a pumpkin spice soy latte to lift me up. So when I ordered my SOY latte with NO WHIPPED CREAM what do I get, whipped cream. I kindly told the man that I did not want whipped cream (after he covered my drink in it.) So what did he do, make me a new one? No, he scooped the whipped cream off the top and handed me my drink. Honestly, I didn’t know what do say. I couldn’t believe he just scooped it off like it was no thing. I just walked away and thought about pretending like I didn’t see him do that.  As I walked away, I told my boyfriend what happened (mainly because Scott doesn’t take shit from people unlike me!) Scott then returned my puss-infested drink. He kindly told the man, “Dude, she’s vegan…. just make the drink again please.” The man did.

So what’s my point? I guess my point is that as a vegan don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself in situations like these. That man didn’t know I was vegan, it’s wasn’t really his fault but he should have known better that if somebody didn’t want something in their drink that bad there is probably a reason for it. It was really silly for me to even think about walking away with a drink that I didn’t feel comfortable drinking rather than just simply asking for the man to make me a new one. It really wasn’t a big deal.

So anyway… back to the coffee. After drinking this coffee drink I am not feeling too hot. For awhile I was extremely bloated and now I cannot sleep. Although the pumpkin spice latte was delicious, it wasn’t really worth it. (Okay, maybe it was…)

Some interesting caffeine facts

  • 10g of caffeine is considered a lethal dose
  • Over 450, 000, 000 cups of coffee are consumed in the USA daily. (I hope they are using re-useable cups!)
  • Top four sources of caffeine in the American diet: coffee, soft drinks, tea, and chocolate. (in that order)
  • Caffeine changes the chemistry of the brain and “tricks” us into thinking we are in a state of emergency.

What is your opinion on caffeine?


2 Responses to “College & Caffeine”

  1. Chelsea September 15, 2010 at 8:40 pm #

    Until I was 16 I hardly ever consumed any caffeine; at that time just a soda would be enough to make me chatter away for hours.

    Now though, I am a complete coffee addict and caffeine has about no effect on me, unless I start drinking energy drinks.

  2. vegansunshine September 15, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    I think it works for some people, but for me its like im really senitive to that sort of thing. Food is strange!

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