Sweet September

1 Sep

Ohh how I have missed thee

The colored leaves, the smell of autumn, the apple orchards, the hay rides, the long drives along the coast of Michigan, the last warm breeze of summer… you september, are my favorite month.

Fall in general is my favorite. To me, fall represents change. A new school year starting, new friends, a new age…ect. The weather is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities I adore. Some of my favorite fall items include:

  1. Apples. I actually have not gone apple picking in my life even though I always plan too. This fall I will make it happen! Apples are just so handy and easy to travel with, I love them! They don’t go bad too quickly, they are great for dipping (Peanut Butter Salad anyone?) and there are so many types. Apple cider is also my favorite beverage (but only in fall), hands down, My personal favorite apple is Honey Crisp. This type of apple is only available in the first months of fall (if you buy local anyways) sometimes they can be hard to find. What’s your favorite type of apple?
  2. Leaves. Nature is so strong and beautiful. The colors of autumn leaves changing is a great example of this. I love going for drives and seeing all the different kinds of trees and leaves this time of year because they really stand out.
  3. Produce. In a way the end of harvest is sad but yet it’s like a celebration of a great year of crop. I’m no farmer but I feel for them. In these last months you can get a crap ton of all different types of squash, sweet corn, tomatoes and potatoes for a great deal. Any veggie lover know’s what I’m talking about! Great time of the year for veggie soups and stews.
  4. Pumpkin. Lovelovelove making pumping seeds and eating them when their nice and toasty-warm with a little sea salt. Raw pumpkin seeds just do not compare, sorry raw foodists. Besides the seeds, the whole pumpkin is wonderful. I love carving them, picking them, eating them,seeding them and mushing my hand around in the gooey pumpkin “guts”. Most people who eat “pumpkin” flavored foods are missing out. Sure, I love pumpkin spice too but try the real thing!
  5. Weather. My ideal temperature is about 70 degrees F. You know, tee-shirt and jeans weather. Great weather for nature walks. I also love the air. Is it just me or does the fall air seem a lot cleaner and smoother?


Today I enjoyed some blended oats for breakfast. I was going to go to my college to get my book and straighten somethings around but, whoops! Must have forgotten…

For lunch I had some left overs from the other day but added some kale into the picture…

Well I guess I better get to bed so I can get up early to go my college in the morning for the 10,000,000th time!


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