23 Aug

Last night we finally made sushi! I was so happy it turned out and it actually taste better than store-bought sushi.

Some people get really confused when I tell them I eat sushi because the first thing that comes to mind is raw fish. Sushi does not mean raw fish. The word sushi means “vinegared rice”. Some people even try to argue (for whatever reason) that sushi cannot be vegan because only “real” sushi has fish in it. That is incorrect.

Anyway, making sushi is a long and precise task and you have to be careful to follow ALL instructions or it will not turn out. Honestly, the only thing to worry about it the rice, everything else is simple.

For my roll I used cucumber, carrots and avocado. These are the typical veggies in a vegan roll. Why mess with a good thing?

Then we got out the nori, covered it with sushi rice and rolled it all together!

Sushi taste so much better when it is nice and warm and hasn’t been refrigerated! I would recommend everyone to try making sushi at least once, it’s so fun! You can get a mat and a paddle and whole foods for like $4. Then you need sushi rice and sushi rice vinegar. Once you invest a few dollars in those things you can make sushi plenty of times! Oh, and don’t forget the Nori… that’s pretty important too.

This week’s new and improved $21 challenge:

This week I have my food planned out pretty well. I made a HUGE batch of “Egg” Salad already ( I’ll share recipe tomorrow or later tonight) and I plan on making Miso soup because I have all the stuff to make it. I also plan on making toasted nori burritos’ with my left over sushi veggies. Yesterday I bought some brown rice and lentils in bulk so I’ll make something with those too. At the beginning of each week I like to make a few big meals to keep on hand like big salads, pasta, already cooked rice…ect.

For breakfast I think I’m going to keep eating oatmeal (today’s oats were mixed with PB&co cinnamon raisin swirl!)

Lunch: “Egg” Salad sandwiches with plums and pears

Dinner: Nori buritto’s, stir fry, or whatever is available at work…

I think I might go to the Flint Farmer’s Market tomorrow to get some cheap produce to make green juice. Tomorrow I have a dentist appt. & an eye doctor appt. Fun stuff. All before I go to work at 2pm. It’s going to be a busy day! Later on I’ll post my “Egg” Salad recipe!


2 Responses to “SUSHI.”

  1. August 23, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    im SO impressed with ur sushi skills! damn, wish i knew how to make sushi like this!! ❤

    • vegansunshine August 24, 2010 at 12:11 am #

      You should try! The rice is really the only hard thing to make because if you make one mistake the whole project will be ruined!
      It’s so worth it though. I love sushi!

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