$21 Challenge (days 3 & 4)

19 Aug

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the $21 challenge as much as I am. Here’s what I have been eating:

Yesterday after dealing with my college crap again (4 hours of it to be exact) I think I may have fixed all “my” problems. After this I still didn’t really have time for interesting meals.

Breakfast- Cheerio’s again to save money… 30 cents.

Snack- Luna bar ♥ $1

Lunch- Rice n beans, nuff said. about $1.

DinDin- At work I scored some more deals because I get my meals half off. 2 grape leaves and hummus 85 cents plus soy yogurt from home equals $1.85.

Tuesday’s Total: $4.15


Breakfast- Cherrio’s…again. I’m starting to love these! 30 cents.

Snack- Luna $1

Lunch- Stir fry! I made about 5 serving for $5. I used a package of stir fry frozen veggies ($1 a bag and I used half) I added some seitan I bought at whole food 2 for $5. I didn’t have any rice so I used noodles 50 cents and it was still delicious. One serving of this amazing stir fry is only 70 cents! That’s right, 70 cents. Five whole serving of this stuff only cost $3.50 to make. Yes, even I was surprised.

Dinner- More grape leaves at work for 85 cents.

Wednesday’s Total: $2.85

Now that’s more like it. Hopefully I do not go over my $21 limit by Saturday!


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