12 Aug

So my college kicked me out of my classes. I was starting classes in 3 weeks but now everything is ruined, just like that. The dropped my classes because I did not make a payment yet. And how can I make a payment if they have been holding my financial aid since February??? I was really looking forward to becoming a college student. Now I feel as if my life is on hold and I’m stuck. I could just go to another college but who would accept me? Not too many others.

So now what, just take a semester off? Senior year was basically like taking a whole year off so how behind will I be now? All the work I did this summer was for nothing. The hours I wasted of sitting in the waiting room, the gas I burnt up driving to and from the college at least once a week, the stress I have been under….all for nothing.

But, I am a strong believer in the “everything happens for a reason” theory. I’ll just keep holding on that. Maybe I’ll just take one really hard class and pay out-of-pocket? Perhaps.

All this stress isn’t good right now. I finally have a day off and this is what happens, ugh. I think I am going to use this energy to cook up something very time-consuming. I need to get my mind off things!

Vegan Sunshine OUT.


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