Eating Animals

9 Aug


As I mentioned in previous posts, I am reading Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer. I am about 1/3 of the way done and I really enjoy it so far. Jonathan seems very intelligent and I admire what he has gone through to write this book. He researched tons of farm, food companies, and mayjor people involved in the food industry to get information about his book. What I like most so far is that is that Jonathan lays down the truth. He gives facts and quotes rather than his own opinions on eating animals. In the chapter Words/Meaning Jonathan gives definitions of some terms used when discussing eating animals like “Free-Range” and “Natural”. I’m really glad he did this because I can’t stand when some animal rights advocates still eat free-range eggs because they simply believe the label. Jonathan says to be considered free-range, chickens raised for meat must have “access to the outdoors,” which, if you take those words literally, means nothing. Basically this means if the farm has an open door to the shed it will be considered free-range if the door is opened occasionally. FREE-RANGE DOESN’T MEAN SHIT. Anywho, I really recommend Eating Animals (No, not the act of eating animals, the book!) to everybody.



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