Camping Vegan Style…

9 Aug

One of my most favorite late summer activities is camping. I feel that sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives we forget how beautiful the simple things in nature can be. I for one have alway been a huge nature fan; it’s who I am. I believe everybody has it inside themselves somewhere, just admit it!

Waking up every morning to the sunrise on Lake Huron is so relaxing.

Who could not enjoy this???

MONDAY Aka, Scott’s birthday. We packed our bags and headed north. So maybe we made a quick stop at a casino… free birthday cash! unfortunately we lost but it was still a lot of fun. My favorite is video poker, I usually at least break even but not this time. Oh well, you can’t go to a Casino and gamble and expect to win. After all that gambling excitement I worked up a hunger. Luckly, I had my handy dandy raw almonds on hand which went well with some “jerky”:

Believe it or not, Primal is actually very healthy. It’s full of vitamins and protein and it is very tasty.

This held me over until taco bell about an hour later. I do not get fast food too often but when I do I like taco bell’s 7 layer burrito without the cheese or sour cream. Do you eat fast food? If so, where do you go?

After Taco Bell the camp site was only about an hour away. I couldn’t wait until we finally got there!:

 I was getting pretty antsy!

Anyway, so we got there. I missed this park so much! I love driving in for the first time and seeing all my temporary neighbors.

 We set up the huge tent we just bought:

Ta da!

After this we wasted to time in starting a fire and making dinner. We brought a lot of left-overs from my open house such as kabobs, hummus, and pita bread. We seasoned the ‘bobs and threw them on the “grill”!

To drink I tried one of these babies:

I really liked this flavor compared to the lemon kind.

TUESDAY I had a great breakfast before our nature walk.

After our walk we drove to East Tawas to shop around a bit. I found a Candle shop with soy candles so you bet I had to get some. Upstairs there was a candy shop and guess what I found?

I had to get them. All the restaurants in Tawas were pretty much the same, sports bars or hamburger bars. Not one pace looked appealing to me. I felt like the only non-meateater in the whole freaking town. We ended up driving back to our campsite because I was so hungary. We snacked a bit a cooked a long dinner.

Over the fire we made some amazing meals compared to every other camper’s hot dogs and hamburgers. We made refried black beans, rice, and veggies. This took a few hours but it was so worth it. Nobody has a gourmet meal like this camping!

Campfire cooking tips:

  • Get a good steady fire going before you start throwing food on

  • Invest in one of these handy grill grates

  • TAKE YOUR TIME cooking food over a campfire will take more time and will require a lot more attention

WENESDAY Aka, our anniversary. We rented bikes and rode all over town! For lunch we went to a pizza place where I got this little veggie pizza:

Even the waitress said, for not having cheese this pizza looks really good! Black olives, green peppers, and pineapples actually went really well together. After I devoured this entire personal pizza we went back to the site and layed out on the sand.

Dinner went a little something like this: roasted red skins, baked beans, and Tofurkey sausage

I never had this drink before. It’s Bolthouse soymilk, I enjoyed it.

 This was my first time trying this one too. These are vegan candy bars made to represent other candy bars like Snickers. I was never a big Snickers fan so this was just okay. But if you like Snickers, I would highly recommend it!

THURSDAY morning I read more of my book and had breakfast:

Later, we went put putting! Scott really likes golfing so this was the closest thing. After that we played a lot of games and went to my uncle’s house. When we got home we grilled up some Boca burgers. My new favorite Boca burger is the Chicken patty kind. My boyfriend said it taste like a chicken sandwich from Burger King. What’s your favorite veggie burger?

FRIDAY was a sad day. Time to pack up and go home! We had a wonderful trip overall and we both can’t wait to go back again next year!


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