Taking it Easy

29 Jul

Yesterday I woke up early to a beautiful morning…

Much to beautiful to be stuck in the four wall of a sweaty gym. So I had another idea how about I go for a long nature walk/jog? I have not gone on a nature walk in months! I forgot how easeful this can be. I have been under way too much stress these past few months this was a great way to clear my mind and stay mellow the rest of the morning. Nature walking will be of my new favorite activities and I will be sure to blog about my adventures in the wild! I’m ditching the running shoes and grabbing my camera for now on! Yes, I will still go to the gym a few days a week but to me, the gym is really getting old especially when the weather is so nice! So look forward to my nature posts soon to come!

Now on to the food.

Tuesday Scott and I went to eat at my favorite local vegan cafe located inside the Flint Farmer’s Market.

I got my usual Soy Veggie Melt on pump. 🙂

For dinner I had one of my left over veggie burgers. These still aren’t getting old! I love them.

Wednesday after my walk, I made the best tofu scramble ever. It was all made from left overs too! Tofu, Roma tomato, green bell pepper, onion, garlic, soy sauce, mushrooms and daiya.

After this I made some granola to take on my camping trip coming up on Monday.

sweetened with agave and flavored with lots of cinnamon! This morning I made some into a delicious cereal with almond milk and naners.

Well, I’m off to make espresso chip oatmeal cookies for my open house this Sunday!


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    […] did not attend power yoga this evening. Why? Because I didn’t feel like it. (Hint: my taking it easy post) Instead I went on the treadmill and walked to the last half hour of The Doctor’s and […]

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