Daiya Date Night

19 Jul

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my boyfriend, Scott. We don’t really get to see each other too often anymore because we are both busy working and such so yesterday was much-needed! In the morning, we made a HUGE batch of hummus for my friend’s open house:

It turned out really good… as usual hehe 🙂

I’ve really been slacking this year on going to open house parties I feel kind of bad. But what can you do when you work full-time and are super busy with starting college and planning your own open house? Besides, If I went to all the open house’s I wanted to go to I’d be broke. It’s kind of a good thing I’m having mine so late into the summer so my guest aren’t burnt out on graduation stuff because I know I would be! I totally had to go to my BFF’s open house though. 🙂

I even ended up having lots of things to eat at the party:

After that, Scott and I rented some movies and went shopping at Kroger. I came across some great deals I could not refuse:

I tried one of these before and it was pretty good so, I bought four more on sale.

After we watched Shutter Island, we made some yumms.

Mushroom and pepperoni Daiya pizza! This was sooo good. The Daiya was so melty and creamy! Can’t wait to eat my leftovers for lunch 🙂

For dessert we made strawberry & apple kabobs dipped in “milk” chocolate. For the “milk” chocolate we used one bar of dark chocolate, about a cup of soy milk and 2 tbsp of sugar to hide some of the bitterness. I think this is my favorite dessert, you should really try it!

Melting it all together.

Finished product:

I signed up for all my college classes this morning and I feel awesome about starting my freshman year. Here’s what I’m taking:

  1. Basic Math
  2. Communication
  3. Sociology
  4. Medical Terms

Sounds easy to me!

Next semester I am not waiting until the last-minute to sign up for classes, that’s for sure!

Enjoy your Monday 🙂


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