14 Jul

Good morning everybody!

My testing yesterday didn’t really go so hot. I forgot how to do algebra so I will probably be taking an algebra class for the 5th year of my life. At least it will be an easy class!

After testing I didn’t have time to go to the Farmers’ Market but I did have time to make a yummy lunch before work:

Noodles, broc, tofu and peanut sauce.

When I got home from work, I made a mini daiya pizza on an english muffin. I got to use my basil for the first time straight off my plant!

My pizza must have looked good because my mom wanted a bite (Okay, maybe I thought it was so good I made her take a bite…) and she said it was pretty gooey. I guess that’s a good thing? After that I made my brother had a bite. All he said was, “So this is like… vegan cheese?” I think that means he liked it.

For breakfast today I had this:

  • English muffin with PB, coconut and naners
  • Apple slices with my new coconut yogurt topped with almonds
  • Pink grape fruit

Maggie ate with me too. (still more pictures of her to come later, but here she is!)

Tomorrow my friends and I are supposed to go to the water park but it looks like it is going to thunderstorm all day. I really hope that it is nice out so I can get some sun and go in the wave pool! I have been so busy lately I haven’t been able to enjoy the weather at all. I’m due for a good burn.


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