Whole Foods Market & Other New Foods

13 Jul

Whole Foods Market Adventure!

My favorite unhealthy snack.

Blueberry Muffin ❤

You know I couldn’t leave without this.

This stuff is amazing!

I can’t wait to try all the cool little things I bought from Whole Foods. I really like the WholeSoy & Co. yogurt. The only soy yogurt I ever tried was the Trader Joe’s brand and the after taste was not very pleasant. I wish WholeSoy would go on sale more often!


In a few hours I will be taking my placement tests for college classes. Yikes! I’m really not looking forward to it considering my lack of mathematical skills. I’m really worried they are going to put me in basic classic and I’m not going to be at the level as everyone else. Wish me luck!


Now on to some fooood!

Lentil soup with Tofutti sour cream:

Veggie wrap with hummus, avocado, leafy greens, carrots, tomato and olives:

Lentil chips I tried at work:

These were  yummy with hummus.

Tamales I bought at Whole Foods:

Not too impressed with these…

Well I’m off to go get ready for my tests and maybe I’ll stop at the Farmers’ Market after. I will be making some samples of foods for my graduation party (August 1st) some time this week or next week so be prepared! I will be making cupcakes, cookies, dips, pasta and maybe even more!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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