9 Jul

It’s day three of wisdom teeth removal recovery and I don’t seem to be feeling any better! I am so annoyed with not being able to chew its driving me crazy. I thought maybe I could survive off of juices but screw that; I’m freaking starving! 

The first day was the worst. When I got home I slept a lot but when I woke up I threw up what felt like my whole stomach and I couldn’t eat anything besides oatmeal and mashed ‘tatoes. I thought I was going to use this as a opportunity to work on my health but I think I’m doing quite the opposite with all the junk I am eating, whoops!

The day before my surgery, I did buy lots of fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market:

All of this and more for less than $20. Not bad!

I have been making a lot of apple and carrot juice. It’s my new favorite 🙂 Green juice just isn’t doing it for me this time. I also made an apple and blueberry juice that turned out pretty good. (Not very nutritious but still yummy)

My mom and I have been doing planning for my open house coming up here soon. I can’ wait to share with you! It is officially going to be all vegan. I told her I was not having an open house if it wasn’t vegan. Nobody should have to die just because I graduated. Besides, this is MY party. Why can’t  somebody respect me for once? Do people make me special meals and their parties? No. One meal without animals isn’t going to kill anybody.

Anyway. Looky what I got in the mail yesterday!:

TOMS VEGAN SHOE’S! Aren’t they cute? Most people think they’re ugly. I ordered these about a week ago and I was surprized they came so early. With each pair of TOMS shoe purchase you donate a pair to a child in need.

With all of this relaxation time I have been doing a lot of online shopping. Today I explored a few different places.

I might order stuff from Vegan Store. That’s my favorite so far. Alternative Outfitter is also pretty cool. I like their men’s shoes but it’s hard to find the size you need in women’s.

What is your favorite online store?


2 Responses to “Recovery”

  1. veganventures July 12, 2010 at 11:24 pm #

    I love doing online shopping too especially when im bored, and by the way your shoes are adorabe, no where near ugly trust me!!

    • vegansunshine July 13, 2010 at 1:27 am #

      Haha thank you, I thought so too 🙂
      Pshh people have no sence of style…

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