Happy 4th of July!

5 Jul

I hope everybody had a good 4th eating vegan yums and watching fireworks.

Seriously in shape isn’t going how I planned it. After my car accident I couldn’t be so active and I think I actually got out of shape :X

I’m still working on it though. Since I’ve been home I have been eating more like a superhero. Eating lots of veggies and trying to cut out sugar. A few things I have been eating:

Grilled veggies with hummus and black bean salad.






Steamed asparagus in quinoa topped with baba ganoush.







Cherries, blackberries, and raspberries.

I absolutely LOVE raspberries. Their my new summer favorite! Not only are they super yummy but like most berries they are high in vitamin C, fiber, iron, and belive it or not they contain a couple grams of protein per serving.

I also fell in love with these:





They’re like Oreos but all chocolate and organic!

Well, that’s all for today! Did I mention I was getting all four of my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday? Yikes! Looks like it’s going to be all green juice for a while.


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