Vegan Appreciation Post

3 Jul

Thank you for wanting to change the world. When you see something wrong you don’t just walk away and pretend it doesn’t happen. You chose to take control and solve the problem. Alone you may feel small but we are strong in numbers. Together we have made a huge difference already and I don’t know about you, but I will not end this until every cage is empty. Each day we make simple smart choices and follow what we believe in. I know you’re harassed sometimes but they will never break you. Small everyday battles are going to lead to powerful things. If everybody knew how amazing it feels to be vegan the whole world would convert to veganism, I’m sure of it! It’s too bad their missing out because I’m feeling pretty awesome right now! Each and every vegan or vegan-to-be out there reading this YOU ARE MY HERO. You give me hope for the future towards total animal liberation. You are strong. Thank you for standing up for what you belive it right. Anybody who does that is a superhero in my book.


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