Happy July everyone!

2 Jul

So I am safely back home in cold Michigan with my new kitty! I missed her. She is growing up so fast. Her name is Maggie. (pictures yet to come)

Overall Florida was a good experience. I loved the beaches and the dedicated people who protest against offshore oil drilling.

The Gulf is so big and beautiful. So many lives are trapped inside due to the oil spill and it makes me sick. To make sure this never happens again please visit here to say no to offshore drilling.


So what about the food?

Thankfully, it got better. I ditched the fake meats and went to the local health food store and found some goodies including something called “sea snacks” I had to try it! It was pieces of seaweed dried in olive oil and baked. Mmm. The taste was kind of weird at first, then it reminded me a lot of pork rinds. (I hate to say it but yes, I used to eat them) When I told my brother that, he wanted to try. Keep in mind my brother eats NOTHING green. He put a tiny piece in his mouth and GAGGED. He literally almost threw up because he hated the sea snacks that much. I laughed really hard.

When we went out to eat I started eating salads rather than not eating at all. Besides, after all the crap I ate that week it felt good to eat salad for once. I did get picked on a lot for being vegan while I was there. I think i had the dumbest conversation with a non-vegan:

“So what about frog legs, you can’t eat frogs?”

Me: “Well they’re an animal so no…”

“But frogs aren’t animals they’re anfibions!….”

I am really excited to share a tip with you I discovered while spending too much time being hungry in airports. Usually I thought to bring larabars and trail mix and other vegan quickies. But you know what’s a more filling idea? Dry soup. There you have it. Go to the local coffee shop inside the airport and ask for hot water (usually no charge) then add it to the soup and you have a yummy satisfying meal. I don’t know why I never thought about this idea.

Dry soup I recommend:

I really enjoy the spilt pea flavor too 🙂


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