Greeting from Florida!

24 Jun

Hello all!

This summer has been crazy so far! I totaled my car so I couldn’t go on my New Jersey/New York trip so I flew down to Florida to stay with my mom while she’s working. Florida is so beautiful I cannot wait to share my pictures.  I love waking up and going for a swim at 8am. You can’t do that in Michigan! It makes me so sad to swim in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is so beautiful and clear but once the oil gets closer to the Florida coast it will be ruined. Not only the beauty but everything that lives in it will be gone. I guess I should enjoy it while I can.

As far as vegan life goes consider yourself alone. The only place so far I’ve been to had one vegan option and that was miso soup. We didn’t end up going to eat there anyway so that doesn’t count! I have been living off meat and cheese substitutes along with lots of beans. I think my body hates me right now! especially with all the sweet tea down here. I’m so used to drinking unsweetened tea and plenty of water but I can’t escape from the sweet tea! Yesterday at Chipotle they must have mixed the teas up because I got unsweetened and it was still sweetened!

I brought “The Kind Diet” with me on my travels and I’m so excited to go home and eat like a superhero. I’m going to try it for a while and see how it goes.

What’s your favorite “superhero” meal?


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