A Very Vegan Weekend

16 May

Hello blog world! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did… let me review:

Friday’s lunch & snacks.


Lunch: Chili and a Tofurky Baguette with spinach, avocado, tomato, and a dash of balsamic.

Snack: Banana topped with PB, almonds, dried cranberries, and oats.

Saturday morning at work. I was not so excited to be at work this morning. But am I ever? If you didn’t know, I work in a gourmet foods store that is not very vegan-friendly. I have to slice meat, make meaty sandwiches, and serve hundreds of non-vegan desserts. (it’s really tempting, I know.) Our food case is filled with pork chops, veil, meatballs, salads with mayo and cheese, and sometimes rice cooked in chicken stock. This is how it is pretty much everyday… unless I get lucky and they put out roasted red skin ‘tatoes or grilled veggies WITHOUT CHEESE. It’s not very comfortable, I’m sure you get the idea. But anyway, saturday was special… one of the cooks made a vegan mushroom and bean burger that was sooo good. She kept saying “Only Whitney can try it! Her opinion means the most!” Hahah, how sweet. Then she made me a special sandwich:

After work. My boyfriend and I went to my favorite restaurant; Mind, Body, and Spirits. Where all the food is locally grown. Literally… they have a greenhouse outside! The food was amazing. Here is what I ordered:

Vegan Slaw

Black bean soup

Veggie raw spring rolls

I would not get the spring rolls again. I expected them to be more like sushi rather than a lettus wrap. Not very creative, but they tasted ok.

Whole food’s & Trader Joe’s adventure. Ahhh, my favorite places. I always tell myself I’m only going to spend a certain amount of money, but that never happens. Here’s the goods:

Mmmmmm. Can’t wait to try all of these!

Sunday Night. I finally tried my Daiya! I made a mini bread bowl stuffed with Chili and mixed in some of that fabulous Daiya!

Well that’s all for this weekend. Hopefully I will make sweet meals out of all my new goods so I can share them with you!



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