Gifts from myself…

7 May

So about those packages I got in the mail this week…

One was my very own laptop lunchbox! Woooo! How exciting?! I also ordered a copy of Vegan Lunchbox because I thought it was completely necessary. I actually recived a lot of completments on my lunchbox.


I order these from “The Vitamin Shoppe”, an online vitamin store that sells this stuff cheap. I was looking online for hemp powder and most stores carried this same product for almost 20 bucks. At “The Vitamin Shoppe”, it was only like $13 for this huge jug. Also, I decided to order some spirulina powder because I have heard good reviews about it. It is packed full of Vitamin A (100%), B-12 (47%), and Vitamin K (21%). But let me warn you… this stuff smells horrible … DO NOT BE STUPID AND STICK YOUR FACE IN EXPECTING IT TO HAVE AN EXOTIC SMELL. It doesn’t. You wont want to use it. It taste fine to me though!

I made my first green smuge:

My last package was Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. I’m excited to read it.


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    […] my break but that was not enough to hold me over. I think I may have to break out the laptop lunch box for college! I’m so excited. Anyway, after class I made a big plate of rice, broccoli, […]

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