Happy May!

2 May

Happy May!

Sometimes I really wish I could cook. The things you other bloggers create are amazing! Its one thing to be a good cook, but in my opinion it takes a lot of knowledge and creativity to be a vegan cook. For example, cooking a chicken dish is a lot more simple than cooking a fake chicken dish because to make a fake chicken dish you must create a fake chicken! I don’t know what my point is…. but I just think it’s fascinating. I’m just really impressed at how talented you guys are. 🙂

Moving on.

I had a wonderful Sunday breakfast this morning!:

Mmmm. Pancakes & grapefruit! Too much sugar!


Things to look forward to from me this week:

  • Hearty Chili
  • Sour Seitan
  • Chickpea Sammich
  • Greek Week Pita

Also, Sometime later in the week I should be getting a very special something in the mail. Probably the most amazing thing ever. Well, I’m getting a few things in the mail that I will share once they arrive!


 Thanks for reading!


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