Vegan food/products inside & outside of your body!

29 Apr

Hello ūüôā

Just a little FYI:

First, lets start with food and how it works with the inside of your body. I have always felt like my body is very sensitive with food. For example, if for some reason I woke up one morning and did not eat breakfast within the hour, I would feel really sick. My stomach starts to turn and I will get a horrible head ache that will probably last all day. I’m sure this has something to do with my body sugar, I should probably get that checked out. Now, I eat a ton of oat meal. I add peanut butter and dried fruit and that keeps me going for hours!

¬†Eating processed/junk foods¬†have the same effect. If I consume any type of processed sweet early in the day, I’m done. No more energy that day. I wont want to do anything because I’ll feel like complete shit the rest of the day. Other processed foods such as chips, soda, frozen meals, high sodium dry noodle packets,¬†dairy, poptarts, etc.,¬†have never¬†work well with my body either. I do continue¬†to eat some¬†of these things because they are¬†easy and cheap¬†but it always made me wonder why I feel¬†this¬†way.¬†¬†After educating myself on nutrition a little (AND BEING VEGAN) I know what is in those nasty foods. It’s not¬†food. That’s the thing. The ingredients are mostly chemicals. Wtf. Who wants to eat something that was made in a chemical lab? Always read ingredients. If you don’t know what the ingredient is, DON’T EAT IT.

Next is the outside of your body. A month after I was vegan, I was able to stop wearing foundation. Why you ask? Because my skin cleared up! I always had mild acne but I covered¬†it up pretty well with my foundation. I am just excited I don’t need to wear that crap anymore in the summer when its hot and muggy. It just makes you feel dirty! A sweaty face covered in make-up is gross. Did you know dairy is a major cause of acne? It’s true. But you don’t have to believe me, try going dairy free for yourself and let me know how that goes.

Also, all the chemicals in make-up are horrible for your skin, some even cause cancer. The other day in school, we had an assignment about how toxic our make-up is. My teacher noticed I had very low numbers and asked me about them. It turns out that most products that don’t test on animals are usually all natural. Cool huh?


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