27 Apr

Who doesn’t love brownies? I know I do. Working in a non-vegan bakery is so tempting sometimes. I watch as my co-worker get to shove their faces with all the gourmet sweets and I want to join in so badly sometimes. I’m really glad I finished “Skinny Bitch” this week so I can remember all the funny things Rory says about diets and why everyone should be vegan. That really helps a lot. Anyway,  I thought I’d make some vegan brownies to hold me over for a while and still maintain being a skinny bitch. (jk…)

I found this at Kroger the other day ON SALE!

Sounds good right? It says it takes about 20-25 minutes to cook, but after 30 minutes…


The brownies took about 40 minutes to cook fully. Maybe because I made them too thick? Or too many chocolate chips? (How you have too many chocolate chips… come on…)

Then they started cooking a little faster finally! Don’t they look yummy?:

After 40 minutes they still weren’t totally done but they smelled like they were burning so I had to take them out!

They might be a little ooey gooey but they taste fine to me!


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