Calcium in Plant Form

20 Apr

A couple of weeks ago out of no where my knee started hurting really bad. I thought I may have sprained it or even torn something. Not fun. Lucky I recovered very quickly but it still got me thinking about my bone health. As a vegan, you might worry about your lack of calcium because of what the media puts into your head. I know I was! So I stared doing a little of my own research and now I feel much better! Let me share…

First lets start with the recommended amount of calcium your body needs:

According to the USDA, 800 to 1500 milligrams a day is the necessary amount for everyone.

BUT, according to the WHO, they say you need 400 to 500 milligrams.

If you know anything about how the USDA operates you would probably not believe a word they say. (at least I don’t anyway, maybe I’ll get into that another day…)

So now that we know how much our bodies need, its time to figure out how to get calcium from plant food and how much we are getting.

Foods                                                    Amount                                  Calcium (MG)

Collard greens                                      1 cup                                              350

Kale                                                         1 cup                                             180

Orange                                                    1 large                                           74

Quinoa                                                    1 cup                                              102

Chick Peas                                             1 cup                                               80

Almonds                                                1/4 cup                                          89

Almond Butter                                    1 Tbsp                                             40

Tofu (made w/ calcium)                    4 oz                                                 200-325

Enriched orange juice                      1 cup                                               300

*What you don’t hear Vitamin K (in most plant foods) helps protect bones*

Losing calcium:

Excess acids Protein and alcohol cause the body to leach calcium out of the bones which can lead to fractures and osteoporosis.

Drinking soda (regular and diet)- Soda contains phosphorus or citric acid. The acid creates too much acidity in the body. Your body balances the acid alkaline ratio by drawing calcium out of the bones.

Other  scary dairy information incase you didn’t know!:

The dairy industry has lots of money and has been influencing the government to believe their products are necessary for good health. It’s too bad our government does not protect us like they should and educate us on this information.

ALSO – – – In china they have far less osteoporosis rates and eat no dairy! They must be doing SOMETHING right.

 Scary stuff, huh? Not if you are a healthy vegan! Which most of us are 🙂 Just remember to drink plenty of water and eat your veggies and you will be golden.

 (This information can be found in “Vegan life for Dummies” and “The Everything Nutrition Book”


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  1. conradvisionquest April 20, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    great post! stuff we all should know…

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