Thunderstorms & Cheese

6 Apr

This thunderstorm has been going on all day! I love it. It puts me in a blogging mood. I feel like I have an excuse to be lazy and sit around all day. I think I’m going to make some vegan puppy chow because I have been craving it! Plus I need to put my two bags of vegan chocolate chips to good use. Another thing I have been craving this week is cheese.  As soon as I thought my cravings were over they came back! I feel like im going to deal with this the rest of my life! Cheese was one of my favorite foods for a long time. But you know why cheese is NOT good? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO RAPE COWS TO PRODUCE IT!!! Who wants a chunk of pus-filled rape? Not me. Thats what I have to think of when I want cheese. And its 100% true. Its really not worth it… having a good taste in your mouth for a few minutes or being cruelty free? Don’t be selfish, say no to CHEESE!



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