25 Mar

My boyfriend and I went to Ann Arbor today to visit an exhibit called “Liberation Project”. This exhibit was held by Michigan Animal Rights Society (MARS) and apparently Peta was going to be there too. Well, we get there and its raining and nobody showed up. I was pretty upset. There were people handing out “free vegetarian dinner and  a movie” flyers (which I could not attend) but that’s it. I was really hoping I could meet some people and hang out with Peta.

We did end up going to a vegan-friendly place to eat called Silvio’s Organic Pizza. I ate an entire 10 inch pizza and loved every bite! It was amazing. Pasta sauce, vegan pesto, eggplant, and shittake mushrooms. It was my own creation and I’m glad I got it.

Doesn’t that look good? You know you want some, too bad I ate it all.

After lunch we went to one of my favorite places ever. Can you guess?

I think we ended up spending like over an hour there. Here’s some yummy things I bought…

I have never tried any of these but I always wanted to! I figure that I’ll make some crazy chocolate PB topping and put it on the rice cakes! Yess. I have so much food to eat. I also got a slice of VEGAN CAKE! Chocolate too, my favorite. It was $5 for a slice but I had to get it. Where else can you get vegan cake?


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