Why Vegan?

11 Mar

Some people have no clue what it means to be vegan. Other people might look at it as a cry for attention, an eating disorder, a “cool” thing to do, or ask the ever so popular question, “Why would you do that to yourself!?!” Whatever your reason is to be vegan, im sure its a great one. But for those people out there browsing this site for vegan information, I would love to share some of the basics.

When starting a vegan diet it is important to do it the healthy way. Some vegans make the mistake of only eating french fries and fake meats. This is not healthy! Sure, these food are okay to eat a few times a week but, it is important to get the proper nutrition your body needs. A quick meal idea for a day:

Breakfast- Oatmeal with fruit or peanut butter. (Breakfast food should have some protien and something fresh to start your day)

Lunch- Brown rice with steamed veggies and a glass of non-dairy milk. (Most carbs are NOT bad for your health. Choosing brown rice over white is a good example of choosing a good carb. Carbs give you energy thoughout the day so they are good to eat at lunch time. Non-dairy milk provides lots of vitamins too!)

Dinner- Bean Chili (Beans are also awesome for vegans. Lots of fiber and protien plus they are very filling.)

Snacks- TONS OF FRUIT AND VEGGIES. (Be creative! Always try new fruits and veggies. It is good to have a variety of food in your diet and with the vegan diet this is very easy.)

If you eat a healthy vegan diet, you will notice the full benifits of being vegan. Not only are you benifiting yourself, you are saving 100s of non-human lives and helping out the environment in the best way. Don’t be afraid! Change can be good. We are all here to do our best and going vegan is probably one of the best things you can do for the planet, the animals, and yourself.


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