1 Jun


Happy June!

Updates in Whitney’s World:

  • Loving every moment of summer!
  • Transfering to a new college in the Fall!
  • Staying super active with nature hikes and runs!
  • New love = spinning class!


OH Canada ;)

26 May

Do you ever feel like you just need to literally drive somewhere far away and get a feel for new scenery for a day?

I do! All the time actually.  

Most people think that there is something wrong when I try to explain this to them. So no, I am not running away from anything and maybe I just like being alone sometimes!

Lately, i’ve been working 40-50 hour weeks at the day job and although I took spring/summer off of school it is still kind of stressful.

Which is why I took a mini day trip to Canada!:





Needless to say I have been enjoying my summer so far and it’s not even June! Lots of changes have been happening and I still can’t decide weather or not I will continue to blog. I absoultley HATE wordpress’s new layout, I do not deal well with change!

Do you ever take mini trips alone?

What heaven looks like

19 Apr


What do you think?

Chicago part 2 {the FOOD}

6 Apr

First off, let me say this:

Whoever voted Chicago the vegan-friendlist city in the US needs to check them self! As an always prepared vegan, you know that I always pack food on trips. Because I figured that I wouldn’t have a problem finding food in Chicago I only packed 3 overnight oats for breakfast (Plus, I was on vacation and was not afraid to spend extra money on good food). But finding vegan food in the city was actually quite the challenge.

The 5-hour drive to Chicago was actually quite relaxing. Traffic was good, weather was good, our first meal was REALLY good.


FALAFEL SUB AT SUBWAY! We stopped at a gas station to get gas and eat because there was a Subway inside. Little did I know that little town carried the falafel sub. It was sooo good! I didn’t get the cucumber sauce because I figured it wasn’t vegan.

For two nights we were there we went to seafood buffet for dinner. I obviously didn’t eat seafood but my brother did! I had endless bowls of miso soup, noodles, fruit, and veggie sushi. I tried some weird things though!


The white ball is steamed bread! It was actually good!


I love veggie sushi!

But like I said, finding vegan food in the city was a challenge. I settled for mexican food the first day.



We must have walked over 10 miles in just the first day. Us country folk didn’t even think about taking a bus anywhere. :/

On our way home, I made one last request to stop at the famous




Holllly cow. These were the best things I’ve ever ate. Even the omi-brother loved them!




I also ordered a pesto/ranch style chick’n sammich! So good.

My favorite place yet!

Have you ever been to the Chicago Diner?



Spring Break ’12 (CHICAGO!) {Part 1}

2 Apr

Hi friends 🙂

As promised, pictures from my chicago trip!:


A little random trip with just the brother and I, totally needed a mini vacation!



A hippy’s dream come true (I dont have a local lush!)


This too, yummy!





The brother on a mission


Beautiful weather!






Coming soon —-> Part 2: THE FOOD!

Have you ever been to Chicago? If yes, what was your favorite thing about the city?

Goin’ down to Chicago

7 Mar


Anybody out there?

It’s getting quite lonely around this place!

I might not have time for daily posts these days but I definitely think about you guys all the time! I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I will be going to Chicago on Monday for a few days! I am so excited because I have never been there! I hear it’s like Vegan Heaven! 😉

Anywho, if you have any suggestions on places to go/see/eat, please let me know!

Also, if you’re interesting in a CHICAGO blogger meet up I’d love that too!

What are/were your plans for SPRiNG BReAK?


Whole Foods Hot Bar Plate <3

9 Feb


Mmmm. What a great midweek treat! Fresh chips with rice, black beans, roasted veggies, tofu, and a grain and veggie salad. Perfect lunch!

What’s new with me?
School and work is taking up about 80% of my life right now (as usual!) The other 20% of my time is being shared with family, friends, eating, Zumba fitness, The Big Bang Theory (new favorite show), and very rarely blog reading. I miss you guys!

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
If so, who is you’re favorite character?

I like all of them but obviously Sheldon is my favorite! 😛